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Event idea 2!

By killemike January 11, 2009, 21:47:26

i have an idea for a event, How about every year or 2 a Monster will spawn (random in astrub) with a message that EVERY ONE can see it will say some think like
EVENT: A Deamon Monster has spawned in astrub, But this monster has a good item drop rate!

The monster should be level 200 or so. Also should drop a good item after. IF YOU CAN BEAT IT!

it should be able to summon: Tofo level 5 with 50 hp each (but costs 6AP). it should have 15MP and 12AP!
Spells: sword of fate(4AP) 40-60damage and mass-trap level 5 (8AP)
HP: 10000

i hope it gets made biggrin

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too much ap and mp and hp suppose a level 200 were to fight it and summon their class dropple the dropple would die and the monster should have more realistic stats not 10,000 hp

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and then 8 people get in the fight

kill it

event over

the rest of the server misses out

theres been lots of events like this

we need one that lets everyone join in

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The reason most events are small is simply because of the limitations of the game - when 150 people are on a screen, its not fun - its a massacre. Even if you are running an incredible computer on an amazing connection, you wont be able to do anything from the lag. Nobody enjoys this.

Bigger events, like halloween, or christmas, or the recent Riktus events, focus on not forcing everyone to be on the same map or even near each other, where everyone can enjoy the event on an area that is pretty spread out. These events are much rarer than the GM run events, because they are designed and executed by the Developers, who can do things like that. GM's dont often give out any items at all, and usually not much more than fairyworks, which is one of the rules they must live by.

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And 10,000 HP is realistic >.>

Ever been to the Peki dung?

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how many high lvl f2p do you see around asturb? alot of noobs coundnt take on him if they pl0x wanted to only p2p could witch means whats the point in the event

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Because i'm a low level i would cry of seeing the group of a few level 200's drop awesome items.
I would never forget about it..

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