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Something is wrong with challenges

By mendel - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 28, 2009, 22:57:51

Yeah so me and my other Enutrof friend were fighting Pandikazee and we had the challenge "Cruel" so we started the challenge and wouldn't you know when i kill the second monster..... BAM the challenge is failed...... yet as far as i know we did everything right we killed the weakest monster first ( 40 ) then second weakest ( 46 ) it would be nice if a mod or game tester looked into this issue and had it resolved and since we are on the subject of glitches when fecas cast aques shield it does not appear on them D= although the shield has the same affects it does get annoying...... i am not sure if it is just me but yeah....

Thanks in advance
-Hyphy-Shield cool

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This has been posted in many places already. Here is the main thread:

Thanks for the notice, but please make sure to use the search function next time. smile


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