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banned, v2

By September 23, 2009, 04:49:50

Thanks to Wish for the quick response, I suppose I was unclear though. When I attempt to log into the game it displays the text:
"access denied. Your account has been banned."
there was no email to my email address, and I was not//have not done anything wrong. I cannot log into the account manager to fix anything, so the help links do not work.
as a preface: I created this account 3 years ago, and do not remember my secret question, but have information regarding last payment, character names and (for the most part) levels.

Please help.


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This section of the forums is meant for discussing in-game events and the Gamemasters who run them, not for discussing account problems. In fact, nobody on the forums (moderators included) would know why you were banned.

Start on this page of Support, and click on "Send a message" at the bottom.

I hope you get resolution quickly.