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[Solar Event] Solacaire 2nd Anniversary

By March 06, 2010, 00:09:51
Hello! I am an elder player representing Solar. In my time I have hosted community created events before, doing so without the assistance of Gamemasters or Moderators. That goes without saying, that their help would no doubt benefit the event. In my last days as a player, having not shown my face on the server for nearly 11 months, I am back to host Solar's largest event yet, the Solacaire 2nd Anniversary. Last year's event proved rather effective and everybody had a fantastic time. What made this event different is that everybody had an equal opportunity to win prizes and the prizes that existed were unlike normal prizes from normal events which handed out petty objects such as fireworks. We had items ranging from Shigekax to Solomonks being handed out to commemorate Solar's birthday. Players have an opportunity to read up more on the event here.

On May 2nd I am hosting the Solacaire 2nd Anniversary, with nearly three times the amount of time to prepare since last year. To make this huge scale event as effective as possible, I have recruited my own staff coordinators, but the presence of a Moderator will help make this event much more organized and much less hectic. I am also wondering if a GM would be able to attend the event, specifically Shashel. No one has seen Shashel in a long time and I've lost contact. Having one would enable a larger amount of possibilities to make this a better event.

If anybody would be able to assist, I am prepared to make this the greatest event in the server's history, for a good long time.

Yours sincerely,
- S
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sounds realy cool. i would like to be a part of it or help or whatever. pm me in game. my name is kurtus. lol im not a mod though

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My astrub main might turn up. (: Felus.

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This will be in 3 days. Any program of activities yet?

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