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Do you have any activities,but Dofus?

By KiochseNoBlood March 08, 2010, 09:43:15

Just wanted to ask,because now when I'm 15,I realized,that knowledge is the mum of survival.When I was a child(<13 yrs) I used to do many activities(play the piano,play the guitar and some sports etc.My dad teached me to play some instruments,cuz he was a musician.).And now I want to see if people on DOFUS passed through the same experience.

PS:F**k ya everybody,who's lying!!!!!

--------------Mention if I did some spelling errors(Pm me)---------------------

Yours Soulguardian

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well, I do practise Badminton < wich is not a sport for faggots!! > 4~6 hours a week (depends on my mood lols)
I do competition, been in finals couple of times, never won it though (closest one was 23-21 lost)
If I'm not on dofus or playing Badminton, I'm hanging out with my friends in the city, picking a movie, go shopping etc

That's probably why I have such an unstable hours of playing dofus, I mostly don't logg more then 3 hours a day in the weekends (mostly either late or very early since I'm a bad sleeper, I wake up very early every morning) I don't play in the week cuz then I'm at training or studying

and I'm 15 years old ^^
(be 16 in about a 6'ish months)

edit: I do work every saturday morning from 8o'clock till 12.30 pm for a living
I help my dad building pre-fab wooden houses

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Well, lets see...I'm 14, for starters.
Sports-wise, I do just about anything. Made 4th place at the regionals in shot-put (I think it was the regionals, anyhew.), and I also take kickboxing and archery. Funfunfun <3
When I'm not doing that, I'm either reading, drawing, knitting, or daydreaming. My faveourite hobbies.
Other than that, I don't do much of anything, save eat, sleep, and go to school.

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Well... I usually go onto other sites on the internet when I'm not on Dofus. I also read books and manga, Play table tennis occasionally, drawing and yea.. thats about it I think.

A normal life for me.

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