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Atrophy guild event idea

By Mamamaster October 21, 2010, 15:49:33


I'm the leader of the guild Atrophy. And so far now we grow up a lot. Soon enough we will be lvl50 (now 43 and go quickly up) and for this big moment i want to make an event for my guildies.
But to be honest i'm really lost how to orginize this.
I've got an idea but don't know how to realise it. I would like to do what we call in french "la chasse au tresor"
This will mean that i would like to have a kind of quest with questions that will bring my guildies to the next position.
Included some dung (2 or 3) with a reward after it. Like a gob dung gives.
And when they do it all they need to provide me all the items on a secret place where i will be.

But i've got no idea how to realise this.

Could someone please help me out.

Thanks a lot

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First time...Wich server? biggrin

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Atrophy is a guild on Rushu.
And yeah the idea is nice but i guess i will need help from aknama to realise it.

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Could a GM please answer me...
Atm my guild is lvl up a lot and soon enough the required lvl to make this event.
And i know that some events takes some times to be created.

Thanks a lot to answer me.


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