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is this topic allowed?

By junk-stew - SUBSCRIBER - June 22, 2013, 01:49:07

i'm in the u.s.a/ and i have a few krosmaster figurines and i've been following japgames news about how the game still hasn't been released in the u.s.a. so i got the idea that i should sell my imported figures. is it allowed for my to link my craigslist ad to a topic i start? i would still consist of meeting with someone but i didn't know if advertising my ad like that would be allowed.

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Ive wondered if it should be allowed as well xD Although it seems to me like most Dofus players are actually who they say they are, (I have multiple dofus friends added on facebook) theres always that chance that they arent :z

I guess its just a personal risk you have to take!

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