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So i'm having a bbq...Missouri, USA

By pirotekno - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 11, 2014, 22:35:29

So I decided i was going to have a big bbq to celibrate my birthday in june. I have invited my guild and some friends on here, but I was wondering if anyone from the forums felt like meeting some players and having a lil fun. the EXACT date is tba, dependent on the people coming.

I live near Kansas City, MO, so a pretty central part of the US

The bbq will go on for a couple days, My texan origin leaves me to have no end to the amount of meat i wanna grill up, and my roomate isn't much different.

We have a pretty big yard out of town, with soft barefoot grass, great for pitching a tent to stay in (the house itself is just a medium house, so not much room for many people to sleep) I plan to get a glow in the dark ball, going to have all kinds of music playing, and some game systems, including an atari (hehe)

The conditions would be obvious. all that's needed is a means of transportation here, could pick up from train station or airport,possibly a tent to stay in, tolerance of people who you probably wouldn't get along with, and a pretty good personality. oh and 18+. most people here are in their 20s.
and while we like fun, it's not like a college house party

If you're at all interested, ankabox Pirotekno, or message me on facebook (Piro Cain Alexander) or you can comment on here (granted with how inactive this subfoum is, i prolly won't be good at checking it...) or just to ask anything.

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