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looking for old friends

By sinPLZ October 16, 2007, 00:03:54

im looking for my old friends from a guild it guild split up after 6 wars with 3 guilds has any seen my frineds there sadiqueen, binman, death-wish kaarma hairything, lummair rhinobeast and dastodbringer if u seen any of them please tell me if u get all of them to report here the reward will be a dofus egg wisdom 30 good luck thats all

a guild that could have made a better place of all places

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Dawn of Hope.... good guild happy

I used to be very active in it name: Silent-Panther or -ThousandNinja-

sadiqueen: havent heard about her very much havent seen her since depart

binman: bin.... I know hes a lvl 100 daggersmith/mage because I see him all over the dags in bonta so he might still play, not sure

death-wish: I think he quit ><

Kaarma: Do u mean Kaamra? if u do then I think he still plays, not very much tho Ive seen him around on imps. If the name is realy Kaarma then I dunno who that is lol.

lummair and rhino: I dont know'em =/

dastodbringer: happy, Iunno where he ran off too

so yea, thats what Ive heard, Dawn of Hope was such a good guild, I actualy felt at home there, then everyone started leaving, I hope one day we can all get back together again and revive the guild, thatd be a pretty awesome reunion lol

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I might be too late to reply, but I was in DoH as well. This is Jenova. I don't want any prize for helping old friends get together. I don't know if you will even read this but here is what I know.

Sadiqueen: seen her a few months back (Apparently did not know who I was) haven't seen her since

Binman/Hairything: i know he still plays

Death-Wish: i remember him saying he was quitting

Kaamra: haven't seen since the break

Lummair and Rhino: i do not remember these players

Dastodbringer: lols this guy brings back memories, haven't seen him since the break

Lycanthropy: if you remember him, still very active

Needtan: still that same old damage sadi, still active today

That's about all I can remember, I'm sure hairything/needtan/lycanthropy would have more information for you if you could contact them. Last I heard some of them were in "Chance" guild. Hope it helps. Take care.

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hello nice to meet you ^^ lol

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