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FB friends wanted!!!

By legendreturns October 21, 2009, 15:20:37

Hi all biggrin
I just wanted to make this topic so that you guys can post your names and get to know everyone even better. biggrin
Anyone can post your names here and add it is completely optional and even mods and gms can post there names. If u don't have a FB (facebook) account just go to google and make one oh and I think u have to be 18 and above but you can just fake that.
P.S It would help if you posted your character name and your server.!!
So just keep on posting and I hope I get alot of replys!!

charname: notdownyet
server: rosal

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It's probably not such a hot idea to hand out personal information over the Internet to people you don't know in public (since anyone can read this forum)

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Good point thnks

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It's against the rules to post personal information and if you want to learn more here is the link:


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