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where are you from, friends?

By November 02, 2009, 07:37:51

I'm from South Korea, located in far eastern of asia.
people in this country don't use english usually, so my english chat is slow and often goes wrong.
moreover, english is only foreign language that I can read&write, but people in dofus use various languages. maybe some people use espanol, francais, and etc.

how many citizenships exist in dofus? Isn't it curious?

p.s) what mean of 'lol'? that is a word people often use...


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I am from Greece. lol means laught out loud .In my country we dont use english neither .

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Ok I come from japan and I live in Singapore currently tongue)

PS: if there are any Chinese ppl put there don't take this as an offence.


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