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Say Hello!

By TofuGirly March 22, 2010, 14:58:30

Hello everyone in the world,

Last week I walked the street and noticed that nobody said hello. Therefore, I now more often to say hello. If I walk down the street I sometimes call hello, but I get surprised faces. Therefore I vote for more in future to say hello and a friendly response to return. If you are still a lot happier. I hope that everyone helps to improve communication. Success all times,

I hope you help,

Hartenliefde (Aermyne)

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Kia ora! (Maori for hello!)

I'm like you. I say hello to random strangers while I am walking down the street! I don't usually get any surprised expressions on anyones faces, they just usually say hello back and say "How are you?" Perhaps it's Kiwi spirit. tongue


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I'm not like that...

but indeed the international communities need some more heartfull people ^^

so that's why I say hellow everyone

and hoe gaatie? especialy to you, hartenliefde, cuz I know what your name means ohmy

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