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Hello again I guess

By tayathesummoner May 12, 2010, 11:05:35

Soo.. I've had my presentation of my seminar work few days ago and.. I've decided to come back on dofus!!
But at 1st.. I'll be on forum.
I've heard from a friend that a new Heroic server is on the way.. Can anyone tell if that's like... 100% true? (Tho I've already heard it ages ago from a GM or MOD don't know anymore..)
So if it really comes out, I'll sure be there wink
Tho I have 2 great characters on Rosal and on Zato I don't feel like making the acc p2p again and play it :/
I feel like starting new.. On a totally fresh server and I really love Heroic server, but the Oto Mustam server is too crowded with high levels ~_~ so yeah.. No thank you there.. You get like.. a profession to lv80 or yourself to 100 and get killed by a 199 tongue great isn't it?

Well, I'll be glad to restart and become the best leader once again biggrin but I promise I'll work better this new time ^^


But 1st I gotta make my final exams.. That's Computer exam on 28th may (really soon >&ltwink and 5th june Math
Then.. I hope I'll be back.. Oh o0 I gotta take care of my boyfriend too.. I'll be ingame from time to time i guess.. depends on my schedule and other stuff.. I'd like to go on a vacation too sometimes :/ haven't been on one in like.. ages biggrin

Ok.. I've said a lot.. maybe too much o0 I should shut now ^^

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can't wait to see you in game again ^^

good luck with your exams

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I'll definitely need all the luck I can get wink tnx a lot

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