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Anyone wanna be friends? Server: Rosal

By XxRyan June 08, 2010, 09:04:34

Heey anyone wanna be friends? Im an enripsa level 71 atm on rosal, i quit for about half a year or so, and most of my friends on rosal quit, and plus im guildless xD, f2p atm but going to be p2p soon again. I want to start leveling, so anyone wanna be friends? So we can train together and stuff xD Doing kanis together or something, kinda want to get to 100 badly xD, and plus since its summer now, dont hafta worry about school anymore. So ill be on dofus quite a lot. biggrinDD

IGN: Ryu-Healer

Server: Rosal biggrin

leave your igns tongue

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hi there my name is dark-headshots and id love to be your freind smile just pm me in game and ill help u get lvl 100 im lvl 97 str cra atm. i lvl solo alot and i would love to have an eni around

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