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more leaks about dofus 3?

By dragonfablie - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 27, 2017, 11:52:45
im still kinda hyped for the game tho, are there new leaks?. i remember they promised a trailer about dofus 3 *soon* ...
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They promised us more info about it in the first Gamakna... but nothing.
Then they promised us to give more info very soon...but it's almost april and I'm kind of tired of waiting.

I just hope they will change their plans about the visual part. Looks too clean for my taste.
I liked the artistic artwork they used in the first Dofus 3 concept.
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Dofus 3 will be an update on dofus? or it's another game they're making? also when is it coming out? and we're i can check more info about dofus 3?
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This is a similar topic, it has been answered as well. You can find information about Dofus 3 here.
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