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Dofus Cube : Notes

By Yoshinja - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 19, 2017, 13:35:54

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen !

I'm from French Community !
Since the end of September, Anthony Roux, allias Tot, explains the guidelines and future contents of Dofus Cube via Notes on his personnal blog, that you can find here:

The problem is that everything is in French.
So, I was wondering if you would like me to translate the biggest of the Notes? (Before answering, know that my English is as moldy as our good French Camembert).

But being given the number of things to learn, I thought it would be a harm for you not to necessarily have access to it.

So much the better if there are already other people who take care of the translation but I prefer to inquire before in case.

(I want to thank Google translation for having awkward allowed me not to destroy Shakespear's language too much


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I have been translating them on Impsvillage.

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Oh nice, you do a great work. 
So good that there is a follow up then!

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