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DOFUS Retro: back to the December 28th backup

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - December 31, 2019, 12:30:00
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Following the exploitation of a bug by ill-intentioned players, we are forced to proceed with a wave of sanctions and to return to the December 28 backup. We sincerely apologize and present you with more context regarding the situation. 

The existence of a duplication bug on the Retro servers requires us to place all servers under maintenance in order to:

  • deploy a patch,
  • perform a rollback to December 28 (midnight) backup, and
  • punish those who exploited the duplication bug.
Indeed, we are able to identify the result of this exploitation and to "surgically" remove it from circulation, as it wasn't massively distributed. We do measure the consequences of a rollback and the choice we have made is motivated by our desire to safeguard the best interests of honest players whose adventures would have been negatively impacted for months (or even years) if no rollback was to take place. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. As compensation to all players who logged in during the rollback period, we will be distributing the following during the early days of January:

  • 7 subscription days, and
  • Tempus Bloomus.
To make up for player's lost time, we will also organize another double XP weekend (for characters and professions XP) during January, in addition to the one already scheduled for this upcoming weekend. 


I've read some forum posts about the bug dated from before this past weekend. Why didn't you intervene earlier?

Following the feedback we received from the community, we began an investigation to verify the allegations right there and then. This investigation was carried out discreetly so to avoid alerting those who exploited the bug and to apply the correct and necessary sanctions against their accounts. It is for these reasons that we never communicate about such situations on the Forum, which we read daily.

When you identify a bug of this magnitude, please report it to the Ankama Support team and do not post about it on the Forums: as is the case with this particular situation, the players who abused of this bug had the opportunity to change their behaviour and spread the proceeds of their exploits within the economy in the hope that we will no longer be able to trace it back to them nor intervene.
Reporting such instances to the Ankama Support team allows us to deal with the problem in an efficient and effective manner, all the while maximizing the chances that we will do so without disrupting innocent players' gaming experience. 


The notifications about this situation are a few days old. Why didn't you intervene sooner?

On the one hand, we had to make sure that the information was linked to a real, identifiable problem. On the other hand, because it is technically impossible to blindly fix a bug. We had to make sure that we could identify the problem so that we could correct it without causing further bugs. As its reproduction is particularly complex, those who exploited it didn't just stumble upon it; they have been trying for years to push the game to its limits, motivated by the pursuit of profit (not only in Kamas, but also in Euros). 

Why a rollback that penalizes all players and not just a ban on all cheaters?

A rollback is a decision with serious consequences, both for the players and for the company. It is, in fact, the last resort solution and never an easy nor first decision.
The rollback was as short as possible: the cheaters made the choice to make honest players their accomplices by dispersing part of their fraudulent exploits in the economy on Saturday, December 28. Make no mistake about it: all servers were affected, and this was also noticed by the community (for example, players could see immediate sales over the weekend regardless of the price). 

Some players may feel that their adventure is not impacted by such abuses. This is not true. We're doing everything we can to ensure that the Retro adventure remains authentic and unbiased by any remnants of duplication. Commerce is one of the gameplay elements at the heart of DOFUS; it's even one of the main pillars of the game. 

The player has the possibility to reach their objectives thanks to the economy, without being restricted by this or that type of gameplay that they would deem to be less fun.
That's why items are not linked to characters, as is the case in other games. This is also a great promise that Ankama is fulfilling by allowing all its subscribed players to be able to obtain in-game, either by buying or exchanging, items that are also available via the DOFUS shop.

Thus, simply banning cheaters would not have been satisfactory. A rollback does not punish cheaters but protects the innocent. It has been decided with your best interest at heart, you who are always involved and participating in the renewal of this complex alchemy that is an MMORPG. You are the soul of this game and that is why the rollback is inevitable.

This is now the second bug since the launch of the DOFUS Retro servers! Why don't you take preventive measures?

The popularity of the retro versions of games is a worldwide craze. It's unprecedented and even historic in the field of video games. DOFUS is a game that has marked an entire generation of gamers and is no exception. Fifteen years ago, no one had imagined such a return of a version that had been frozen for all these years. 

Some publishers are even unable to offer a retro experience to their communities, which are in great demand. Ankama is fortunate to be able to do so, but we are aware that it is a colossal task. We need to fix minor bugs, make ergonomic changes, and intervene (as we do today) to fix bugs that become critical through their dishonest exploitation by a tiny part of the community. And unlike an offline game, we do it in parallel with the daily watch which is the lot of online games. But we'll get there! This is also an opportunity for us to put certain measures in place, minimizing the risks of this happening again. We'll improve the Retro version so that it's what you've always dreamed of. 
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