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Information regarding Temporis IV Spell and Experience Scrolls found on classic servers

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 31, 2020, 23:00:00

Since the reopening of the servers, some new items have appeared in-game my mistake and we need to address those with you: we are talking about Temporis-specific experience and spell scrolls.

It is important to be careful as malicious players will try scam you by selling you these scrolls, which are completely unusable on the regular servers. As such, if you are on any other server than Temporis and players are trying to sell you such spells and experience scrolls, please report them to the Moderation and CM team via Ankabox.

Experience scrolls

Three experience scrolls, destined for Temporis IV only, were found to be droppable on all servers. We have disabled the use of these scrolls. However, they are still present in the inventories.
It will still be possible to drop them, but not to use them.
These scrolls will be removed from the game and from inventories during next week’s server maintenance.

Spell Scrolls
Some spell scrolls destined for Temporis IV are currently available on the classic servers. They are unusable on these servers but will remain in the inventory of characters until the end of Temporis.

Will there be a rollback?
Although there are a few players that were able to use the experience scrolls (destined for Temporis IV), before we were able to disable them on the regular DOFUS 2 servers, we won't perform a rollback, not even on Jahash. We're going to go for another solution. We'll get back to you on this once we have more information.

On Temporis servers specifically, we will reset the 600/ 850/1850 tempoken brackets. Players who have already reached these brackets will be able to retrieve new experience scrolls, regardless if they have previously earned the associated rewards.

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