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Dofus Weekly Maintenance - September 20, 2022

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 19, 2022, 18:00:00

The DOFUS weekly maintenance will take place on Tuesday, September 20 at 8 a.m. CEST. This maintenance will allow us to implement Update 2.65 in game.

We will let you know once the servers are back online.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.

First Ankama intervention


Due to the 2.65 update, the DOFUS maintenance will take longer than usual.

We will inform you as soon as possible when the servers will be available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Due to the 2.65 update, the DOFUS maintenance will take longer than usual.

We will inform you as soon as possible when the servers will be available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The deployment of the 2.65 DOFUS update is going as planned. We will get back to you after 2 p.m. CEST to give you an update on our progress.

The deployment of the 2.65 DOFUS update is ongoing, and everything is going according to plan. We'll keep you informed throughout the day. Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

The update is ongoing, everything is going according to plan. Our teams will start their final checks soon. Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

We are aware some of you are experiencing some issues since the end of the maintenance and we are reporting those problems to the DOFUS team for investigation.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

We have restarted the connection servers to solve the connection issues reported by players. This might result in being kicked out of the queue or receiving error messages for a short while. We thank you for your understanding.

We are aware of the issues players are encountering in game at the moment. While our current priority is to resolve the connection issues to allow our players to access the game, rest assured we will look into the other problems as soon as possible!

We are currently aware of some paddocks disappearing and mounts not showing any statistics.

Following your reports and while our teams investigate the situation, we will deactivate the access to all private paddocks on DOFUS shortly.

Hello, everyone.Following the deployment of the DOFUS 2.65 update, we encountered a multitude of issues, the main one being of connectivity. That having been addressed, we are aware of the following problems that were reported:

  • Mounts: missing stats, birthing and name disappear when converting to a certificate.
  • Missing paddocks.
  • Issues with community channels.
  • On the Brumen, Crocabulia and Shadow servers, some of the contents of the Marketplaces have been returned to the bank (the taxes have been refunded, however).
Our teams have been alerted to these problems and investigations will continue tomorrow. We will get back to you as soon as possible.With regards to the paddocks, these will remain deactivated tonight in order for our team to take the time to analyze the data you have sent us. We will proceed tomorrow with the rectification of the problem, particularly with the backtracking of events that are associated to paddock transactions.

As always, we will discuss compensations once all issues are resolved and on track for an enjoyable gaming experience.

We want to thank all those who have proactively provided us with valuable information that will go a long way in helping us address the issues.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused today but thank you for your understanding and support. <3

Hello everyone,

Due to technical issues related to an exploitable bug, all game and connection servers have been shut down for the night. We will investigate the situation and its gravity extensively in the morning.

There will be compensation, but we will determine it once we have a better idea of the impact this exploitable bug has had and we have resolved it.

It is with the utmost regret that we inform you that a rollback will be taking place. We will update you in the morning with further details.

We end this announcement with our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Hello, everyone.

Our teams are actively working on the resolution of the issue detected yesterday. As mentioned, a rollback will take place. We will keep you informed as regularly as possible of the progress. Thank you for your understanding.

The rollback was successfully completed, and our teams are continuing their efforts to fix the major issues. The server transfers that took place yesterday are currently being replayed. We will come back to you soon for new information.

Hello, everyone. 
Here is a recap of what was said during today's last minute AnkamaLive with Logan and Djinn. You can find the replay of the live here: 

The reason this live took place is because we all, you and us, found ourselves in a dire situation and since we are experiencing this together, we thought best to take the opportunity to explain as candidly as possible what is happening with DOFUS.  
First and foremost, we understand and share your frustration. 


What happened yesterday 

We deployed the update and opened the game servers. Right away, there were some connectivity issues as the connection servers were struggling to handle the flow of connection requests.  
It has been a few months that we have deployed some protective measures for our infrastructure (to preserve the stability and wellbeing of the servers) to access DOFUS. As we opened the servers at peak time, it took about an hour and a half  for everyone to acces the game.  

Once the servers were online, many issues were reported, amongst which the most predominant one being that of the paddocks.  

As you know, we usually work on multiple projects simultaneously. For example, we were working on the 2.65 update and the preparation for the server merger.  When the servers opened, a lot of data had to be imported and technical specificities made it so that the paddocks information uploaded before the guild data and, as such, underground paddocks (who are on a different system) were not linked to a guild and were up for grabs.  

After studying the situation, and because of the improvement of our tools over time, we knew we would “rollback” the paddock situation as all transactions associated with the paddocks were logged. Althought it is an intensive manual effort, it was totally doable so to not fully disrupt the game with a complete rollback. 
The CM team were on the frontlines with you on the forum and social media, giving you all the info they had as soon as they were getting it. When we said “no rollback is anticipated”, we knew the paddocks could be fixed without a rollback. Alas, at no point could we foresee what came afterwards, otherwise you would have been told immediately.  
A rollback is the hardest decision we ever take and we try to avoid it at all costs. We thought we could address the main problem by performing a “partial rollback” on just the paddock information. 

Later in the evening, we noticed that a lot of players exploited a kama-generation bug. The team spent a lot of time last night trying to reproduce the bug. It turns out it was super simple. 

This exploit is based on an anti-cheat system, and those who could exploit the flaw were flagged in our system as being “cheaters”; they were the only ones who could replicate this bug and generate ridiculous quantities of kamas.  
We were just as shocked as you might be right now but we can assure you the bug has been fixed.  

Unfortunately, some content creators decided to make it public on streams and the exploit became known to all and that is when we passed the point of no return. This is why we shutdown all DOFUS servers last night without warning. 

While we do not shift the responsibility of a bug, had we been informed in private of the problem, we could have manually rectified the problem without a rollback taking place. But by the time we identified the method and the source of the problems, the kamas were simply everywhere, cross all servers and it was too late to save the economy of the servers from this exploit. Alas we have absolutely no choice but to rollback. We understand that some of you feel a rollback is a punishment for an exploit, when in fact it is simply the only solution to fix the damages caused.  
When we advise you to come to us directly with a bug exploit, it isn’t to sweep it under the rug (we tell you everything, you know that) and hide it from the community. It is to act swiftly and fix it before it propagates everywhere, spiralling out of control, causing critical damages to the game where there is nothing else we can do but to rollback.  


Rollback and server reopening 

We will rollback to yesterday’s “pre server-maintenance” backup of 8 a.m. CEST.  

We are very sorry for those who played yesterday and didn’t do anything wrong, but this is the only way we can ensure the game, the servers, the economy are healthy for everyone.  

Our goal is to reopen the servers this afternoon but we cannot give you a specific time. 
The longest part will be the rollback as we need to perform it for every server, which we started on already first thing this morning. 

Please remember: we are taking care of you and ensuring everything will be ok with the game and with your character.

The silver lining of this is that we took advantage of the situation and part of the team started working on some other 2.65 bug fixes last night already so when we reopen the servers this afternoon, we will already include patches to fix some other bugs.  
The most critical bugs will be prioritized and after the servers reopen this afternoon, we will continue to patch afterwards.  

A quick update of the most reported bugs: 
  • Average price issues – display issue that will be fixed today
  • Mount certicates, mounts without stats – will be fixed today
  • Osamodas Scalding poison spell – will be fixed today
  • Paddocks up for sale – will be fixed today
  • Temporal anomaly subareas that disappeared - will be fixed today
  • Guild chest should be reactivated today*
  • Generic “display only” bugs (pushback res wasn’t displayed but the stats were still there) – will be fixed today.
  • Incorrect guild XP values – will be fixed today
  • Community chats – due to the preparation work done for the server mergers.

Not everything will be fixed immediately. We allow ourselves the right to deploy patches to rectify issues you reported, but that will come after this afternoon’s server reopening. 

Side note post-AnkamaLive stream: Some of you reported issues related to the Common Spells. Due to the addition of level requirements to learn this type of spell, characters who had learned a spell without having the required level prior to the update have now unlearned it. It will be necessary to reach the required level and relearn the spell. 



We completely understand you are all asking about it.  

As always, we focus on resolving the problems. The other reason why we do not discuss compensation is because we want it to be fair and on par with the disruption you suffered. We need to have a complete vision of all the issues impacting the game before we can assess what would be the fairest compensation for you, not just for the downtime of the game but also for the inconvenience caused, and the seriousness of the situation. As such, we focus on the problems, we fix them, we monitor and make sure the game is back to normal, we review all recorded problems and then we discuss your compensation. 

Expeditions and other communications 

While the Expeditions were suppose to start next week, we might have to postpone it to ensure its release takes place under the best possible conditions for everyone.  

We had a few communication initiatives planned for today which we have postponed, not only because this current situation on DOFUS is our priority but also because the timing would be off. To be totally honest with you all, our enthusiam levels are not what they usually are as our minds are on all the issues and their resolutions.  

All new communication content is on hold until this present situation gets back to normal. 


We will give you Plerti’s Cylinder, a quest item. Whenever there is a problem like the one encountered, a quest is activated in the Almanax Temple -  “Back to Before” – that requires you to give this item to Antyklime Ax. Completing the quest gives you the same rewards as a daily Almanax offering quest.  

Last but not least
Once again our most sincere apologies to you all. We are not in a critical situation, but we wanted to be upfront about what we are all experiencing together.  

For those sending us encouraging messages, we thank you for your heartwarming support and they mean the world to us. For those of you who are angry, please know that we perfectly understand your frustration and position. We are not thrilled about the situation either. 

As you know, we want nothing more than provide you with a fun, joyful game and environment, we want to share experiences and information with you… all in all, we want the best for you on DOFUS, but sometimes this doen’t work out quite as we planned and we are truly sorry.  

We thank you for reading and for your patience.

*Update 21-09-2022 @ 17h15 CEST
The guild chest issues will be fixed next Tuesday, during the weekly DOFUS server maintenance.

The DOFUS maintenance is now over and the game servers will be reopening shortly. We have effectively proceeded to a rollback to the backup of September 20, 8 a.m. CEST. We apologize again for the inconvenience.

Purchases made yesterday at the DOFUS Shop will be credited back to your account in the next few days. We will let you know when this is done. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Today's Almanax has been corrected. For players who have already completed the quest prior to the correction, you have the option to restart it.

Hello everyone,  
As the teams continue to monitor the servers and address the different bug reports you have ever so kindly produced, we wish to apologize once more for all the unpleasantness that transpired these past two days. A rollback is always a dreadful thing, regardless of the compensation we offer afterwards. This is not what we had in mind in terms of excitement for the 2.65 update release, but we won’t let this past situation cast a shadow upon your adventure.  
As compensation for the occurred events, the following will be credited today to all subscribed players that were active between September 13 at 8 a.m. CEST and September 20 at 11:10 p.m. CEST. 

  • 4x subscriptions days
  • 4x 30 compensokens
  • 2x Mango Pearldrops
  • 3x Plerti’s Cylinders

Additionally, as a gesture of good faith, we reactivated the Combine and Harvest event across all DOFUS servers. A news article with all the details will be published shortly.  

Once again, we wish to apologize for the unpleasantness.  Please, enjoy the game once more.


Purchases that were made in the store during the period impacted by the rollback have already been credited back to the accounts of the players involved.

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