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Maintenance schedule and clarifications

By February 27, 2008, 15:53:14

In order to offer you security and a better gaming quality, we do regular maintenances on our servers. These maintenances will make the game servers unavailable for short instances. Here is a presentation of the different types:

The Weekly Maintenance
We currently close the game servers once a week on Tuesdays in order to carry out maintenance.

These maintenances are usually done between 7am and 10am GMT+1, but in some circumstances may continue beyond 10am. You can use this map to compare your local time zone to GMT+1.

These maintenance periods enable us to complete the following tasks:

  • Recovery and repartition of the different log files.

  • Maintenance of our database: optimization of certain tables which can only be done when they are shut down and not being used by players.

  • Maintenance of the game servers: rebooting game servers enables us to prevent in-game lag problems, which tend to become quite considerable if servers aren't rebooted regularly.

  • Complete backup of the game servers data: we've recently set up a new backup system for all the game data when servers are running, without interrupting the game, but we've also decided to keep doing the backups when game servers are shut down as an extra precaution.

  • Update of the server firmware: the programs for server and game data are sometimes updated and replaced by a more recent version.

  • Transfers of characters to other servers.

  • Apply hotfixes to the game and client (if necessary).

These maintenances are extremely important for us to ensure the proper functioning of our game servers. Even if maintenances do not add modifications or bug corrections, they always play an important part in maximizing the performance of our databases and servers.

Automatic backups
Numerous times a day, access to the game servers is blocked (players already online aren't affected by this) for about 10 minutes, to backup the servers database.
The servers are closed and reopened one after the other.

Backups do not occur at set times, they are done 4 times a day during the following timespans:
  • Between 12 midnight and 1:30am (GMT +1).
  • Between 6am and 7:30am (GMT +1).
  • Between 11am and 12:30noon (GMT +1).
  • Between 4pm and 5:30pm (GMT +1).

Unscheduled Maintenance
We may, under certain exceptional circumstances (updates, resolution of technical difficulties, etc.), be forced to carry out unscheduled maintenance on the game servers.
We announce these maintenances on the Server Status forum.

We are aware that interrupting our game servers is unpleasant for you. Thats why we try to reduce the duration of interruptions as much as we can, and to improve our maintenance processes which, for now, reduces their duration, and in the future might reduce their frequency.
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