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Kolossium , Dhruhuan Abuse.

By cretosulah February 10, 2016, 16:24:04

People abusing the summon in kolossium , please fix it smile 

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You might want to be more specific, especially considering that there is no such thing as a "Dhruhuan" summon. (There's a "Dhrhuan" enemy, but no summon by that name)

So you might need to explain (a) what summon you're actually talking about, and (b) how people are abusing it.

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It's a bug in what I think is the "Furry Nearly Catastrophic" Quest. The Dhrhuan immediately spawns with the character at the beginning of a fight, be it alignment PVP or kolossium, and fights for them. Makes these fights extremely unbalanced.

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it's a summon with 5700 hp and does massive dmg (3000) per round... it's way too OP!
it makes kolo fights 4vs3..

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I kinda like this guy, makes it an even better win when the cheaters are beaten and then turn into sore losers (In kollo that is) biggrin 

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The update is live already and the beta has nothing left to test, no?

So why would Ankama care that someone isn't happy that their fantasy server with no strings attached is falling into chaos? They will just wipe it when the next beta is nigh.

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Pretty sure they are continuously testing the kolo update, since it is not live yet.

I don't know where this thing comes from, but it does sound like an issue.

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Its really annoying in 1v1 alingliment fights.. Its hard to test my new build if I lose in unbalanced fights like Dhrhuan + Panda vs Me. I bought new set to be stronger than I was and dont lose any of my 18k honour points. Now im losing fights because of.. what? No fun in beta server haha

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