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By Leekichu#3585 - SUBSCRIBER - November 16, 2017, 21:27:15
I have a lot of problems with various bugs/spell fine tuning but I wont go into that now. Currently my biggest problem is with the aggro system. I went to wabbit island to try it out and after a battle i had, I kid you not, 1 second before another battle instantly started. Thats hardly anytime to comprehend or respond to anything. I wasn't thrilled about the new system in general but if you plan on keeping it as is, I suggest to at least increase the timing before aggro a little. 

Although I didn't have this problem because i logged out in brak, I have  heard many people complaining that they got aggroed instantly upon logging in. So maybe a grace period after logging in as well? 

Thanks, both excited and terrified to keep testing things smile
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Got this same problem with dreggons in the small house maps, no time to react before new battle.
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In case for some reason the devs haven't figured out the problems here:

1. Monsters are currently moving towards people while they are in fights.
2. Your map location is the same in fights as when the fight started.
3. The monsters are registering you as being in their aggro range while in a fight, so the 3 second window starts while you are already in a fight, and the moment you are available to be aggroed (i.e. fight end) they aggro you.
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Would be lovely to not be aggroed as you are looking at loot after a fight, at least right away fair enough if you are looking at loot for ages.
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I can't see any mention of this, but the aggro system is still buggy. Monsters are still aggressing upon login, changing map, exiting a fight. This is despite the update that should have fixed this by implemented a 60-second immunity timer; it doesn't work. Within 5 seconds of changing maps, if a monster is already present, or moves towards you, it will begin "searching". Note that this is without any movement at all from the player.

In addition, this kind of system seems unfair towards multi-accounters. Oftentimes it is difficult if not impossible to search for a group of monsters when logging multiple characters.
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The 60 second immunity timer doesn't work, nor does the 3 seconds until aggro.

I'd consider buying the mount thing that autopilots you somewhere, but it feels like it would be rewarding Ankama for terrible design.
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Just remove aggros is one of the most agitating things in this game. Oh yea and put bwak eggs back to how they were its how the impoverished such as myself would heal after failing a dungeon lol. 
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if the system goes live as broken as it is it will kill dofus for the entirety of december. this game will not be playable.

  • while in a fight, monsters track onto where you were standing and begin looking for you. they then constantly try to attack you until you are attackable, leading to chain attacks that you cannot escape from. are you applying the immunity at the start of the fight?!
  • while spectating a fight, same issue
  • while in your haven bag, same issue

you've added aggro to monsters that didn't have it before because... i don't know! you just decided to do that!

you cannot cover up these failings with shiny new variants. these obnoxious problems will become extremely and readily apparent to everybody the second this update goes live and they do ANY non-dungeon content to check out some of their builds.

literally, everybody is going to start doing trash pulls to try out the way their build works and are going to be chain-aggroed until they forfeit the battle. if this goes live as it is, you risk noone actually enjoying the kwismas content.
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