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Osamodas rebalancing and variants.

By Lynn-Reiginleif - SUBSCRIBER - November 22, 2017, 04:21:54

Next up in the list of feedback, osamodas. Out of all classes to get buffed AND more interesting, I didn't expect osas to be up there, but.;..

Tofu albinos: This one is really good. MP stealing is pretty good, the vitality is decent for it's cooldown, it's generally pretty great. 

Croc repulsiv: jesus, why do osas of all things get strong attacking spells now? There are other good spells up ahead, this is just the first one. Other classes getting this amount of damage on a new spell generally have that spell be 5 AP or have some stupid limitation, while this gets great damage, great range, and a good side effect that isn't quite broken due to it's activation requirement. This is really good, way better than it's variant.

Onde aquatique: again, pretty decent spell. The damage and range are a bit on the low side, but the damage buff for summon's damage is pretty great. But uh, ankama...why the hell does the crit version deal LESS damage than the regular damage? That's just...what? Anyway, great choice for osas, probably better than it's variant.

Union animale: so, animal link that doesn't kill the summon, but has longer cooldown? I'm into it. It's a lot better than it's variant, since you don't kill your resources to use it. 

Sedimentation: again, really nice damage, really good side effect. I wish all variants were this solid. Though I don't think fossil will be used, so...maybe too good.

Baume protecteur: ...definitely not 10% of osa's hp. It's closer to 6 or 7%. Anyway, it's totally worth it. -270 HP to osa for a 400+ shield is pretty nice, especially if you have your dragons or the new lifesteal spell. It's pretty good.

Cravache: osas do not need this much map manipulation, especially after getting MP stealing summons. This one is straight up broken, and will lead to shennanigans.

Deplumage: pretty decent damage, and I certainly like the idea of tofu bombing. More of a finishing move, though.

Boufton: a sort of black tofu for the earth branch. The range and AP stealing are pretty surprising, honestly, and they still get decent resistance. Pretty good.

Dragonnet albinos: a tofu for the fire build. I noticed a pattern. This one is pretty damn boring, though, merely dealing non linear, low damage. It's spammable, I suppose, but...eeeeh...

Coeur de dragon: This thing is straight up terrible. It heals half the damage that dragons take, which is fine, until you remember dragons have bad hp and are ranged and cowardly, meaning they don't usually even take damage to begin with. It's way too situational. Maybe it it was any summon, and a lower heal, 

Crapaud noir: Very powerful if it doesn't neet to walk, dealing almost 400 easily. Pretty spammable as well. It's a pretty good spell, no question about it.

Crapaud albinos: as per usual, poisons aren't very good. It can only stack twice, and has pretty miserable range. I don't like this one, noir is better.

Constriction: again, strong damage for it's cost, and it's a lifesteal spell. In a class that is already insanely annoying to kill. Dammit ankama, give this to someone else, osas don't need something this good. 

Geyser: again, really strong spell on a class that neither needs nor deserves it. I can already see earth/water osas locking and nuking everything, and it's gonna be hell, mark my words. 

Crapaud baveaux: Decent AoE with nice range, nice hp, this one is pretty solid as a summon. I approve. 

Tourbillon: good damage for it's cost, and can potentially get you out of locks. Would be all the mobility tools osa needed, but nooo, they have to get a high range swap...just because of that, this spell suffer. And it's sad, because I think spells like these, that get effects if targeted on summons, would be pretty awesome for osas.

Comunion animale: cool idea, but generally speaking, in high level content, you'll just get all your summons wiped out in a couple of hits. However, with spiritual leash as is, I suppose it would be used.

Relais: pretty bad. 25% sounds good until you remember it's less than 250 hp regardless of anything. The swap is interesting, but being 1 per turn, it would require a LOT of foresight, and generally be not worth it. It would be pretty damn awesome on a double though. 

Favoritisme: so, you kill all your summons for 100 hp or so per summon. Not worth it. If it made damage stronger as well, maybe, or maybe if it got the sum of the other summon's hp, but as is, it's terrible.

Remplacement: pretty awesome. It allows you to cycle through your summons, ans somewhat bypass the summon limitations and cooldowns. It also swaps summons for the same "tier" of summon, which is really cool. This is really interesting, and will probably be used over symbiosa. 

Overall: I like a lot of the ideas here. The problem is mostly that osas are a tad too powerful now. They don't need mobility. They don't need self healing. They don't need damage. The summons already do a ton of all those things, I don't think it's fair for osas to get these tools. Either buff everyone else or tone some of this stuff down, and DEFINITELY take out the whip variant. That crap needs to go. 


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They modify some of the Osamodas Spells. The one that stands out the most for me is Favoritism. It cost 5AP and buff a summon infinite amount of turns with 50% vit, 30% final damage, 1 AP, and 1MP per sacrified summons. So, if have 6 summons and I use Favoritism on one of them, it kills all other summons but gives the targeted summon 5 times the buff. That is insane. Also, I think the AP cost for Geyser got reduced from 5AP to 3AP.

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That would be OP if it last infinite turn and has no sacrifice cap. Remind me of the old days when osas can megabuff one super summon

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@DatsuLee There were a bunch of changes yesterday, and I'm going through all of the classes changes again, eventually. It's just that I currently don't have the time.

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