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Shovel of Judgement

By Leekichu#3585 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 26, 2017, 18:59:31
So I recently noticed that Shovel of Judgement got its damage buffed as well as its MP removal increased from 2 to 3.  I'm sure this was in response to removing all of enutrof's mp removal by gutting clumsiness. I understand the logic that you don't want to give us the ability to take so much mp away at the cost of just 1 AP. However, I feel this is a very bad design choice.

If update went live in its current state, all enus would feel pigeonholed into playing chance. As an intelligence enu the most I can reduce an enemies MP by is 2. With over 100 MP removal I still often don't remove the full amount with clumsiness and to have the effectiveness of my character be determined by rng doesn't make sense to the design of the class. You either spend 1 AP to remove 0 MP, 1 MP, or 2MP. Honestly, only the last of those options sounds worth the AP cost to me seeing as reducing a single MP often won't make much of a difference.  

I personally think the other builds should get better debuffs (at least agility got -AP), or you should just make clumsiness 2 AP reduce 3, or 1 AP reduce 2 (undodgeable). This way enutrofs will not have to sacrifice variety for the sake of their enutrofness. biggrin
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You realize clumsiness went back to not being linear, yes? It just got the MP steal reduced to 2 instead of 3.
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Yeah I'm aware. I'm saying that if thats the only mp reducing spell (or just strong debuff in general) for 50% of the elements, then why would I ever pick those elements if I chose Enu to be a debuffer? Especially when 2 MP steal is never a guarantee
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