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my character is 1 lvl instead of 200 in the beta

By ritmika - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 21, 2018, 08:54:18

I do not have my character when I sign in. Offer to create a character 1 lvl. On a normal server, everything is fine

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this is so pointless and uphill. You have to walk all the way to amakna zaap then buy lvl scrolls and then press it 200 times each time closing the picture pop up that show you leveled up. Then you have to click 50 times each stat scroll to scroll your character. Then you have to buy and resell gear to get kamas to buy gear for your character. Not all gear are available and also you have to mage your own exo ap mp, what is this regression testing? I have not seen any changes to magus why put players through this torture to make their own exos? Kolos are not popping so you have to test your spells on pvm mobs. But for all this trouble does it even matter?!?

We put a crazy amount of time on surveys for class improvements, they even have nice shiney graph showing sram could use improvements and what do srams get, nerfs across the board, clearly the survey was a complete joke, and so was this beta.


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First, please avoid posting in extremely old threads, especially in the Beta section. This person was requesting help 11 months ago, and surely no longer requires assistance with their issue.

With regards to your experiences with the Beta, please keep in mind that it is meant for testing and not a seamless gaming experience. This was how the Developers needed to set up the Beta this time around, and that's simply how it is. Please consult the pinned threads within this forum for more information about the Beta server and what kind of experience to expect.