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devotion bug

By Djengish-Kahn June 11, 2008, 16:17:55

With this new update the xelors 2 extra ap from devo becomes even more crucial.
Is it any chance you can fix the devo bug with this beta?

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what is the bug?

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The problem is that you/others loose the ap gained by devotion 1 turn too soon.
When it only last 2 turns with the ability to steal ap from you makes devotion cost more than you gain.
Loss: -2 to use + (-0 to -3 on cast) = 2 to 5 ap lost.
Gain: 2 ap for 2 turns = 4 ap gained.
With the loss of devo after 1 turn and you getting the same loss (2 to 5) but gain will be only 2 making devo not beneficial at all.

Compared to ap spells from eca and eni devo are inferior but this bug makes it sort of useless in a lot of situations.

With the new ap update i feel there is time to revise the lack of durability and critical hits on devotion.

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