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Test Server FAQ

By [Raiu] - VOLUNTEER MODERATOR - June 15, 2008, 18:58:27
This FAQ lists many of the most frequently asked questions.

[size=14]What purpose does the beta test serve?[/size]

The beta test phases serve to verify that the impending modifications to the game are viable and that no other bugs have appeared. For example, it lets us have responses from the players to learn which modifications they think are good and which are bad, and why.

[size=14]Why are the levels of my characters and my equipment not the same as those on the regular servers?[/size]

Character transfers are done before the launch of the test server, usually a few weeks before it actually opens. As a result, if you (for example) gain three levels on a character after this transfer, then your character will not have gained those levels on the test server.

[size=14]Hey, why is my bank account empty? Where's my guild? What happened to all those dragoturkeys I had in paddocks?[/size]

Only your character is copied to the test server. Your bank, your guild, your friends list, your enemies list, your paddocks, and anything else your character is not directly wearing or carrying will not be copied over.

[size=14]Will what I do on the beta test server affect my character on my regular server?[/size]

No, anything that you do on the beta test server has no effect on the other servers (and vice-versa).

[size=14]Cool! So can I lend my account on the test server?[/size]

No, your login information is still the same, and lending your test server character puts your regular account at risk.

[size=14]I hate these upcoming changes! Where do I complain?[/size]

Either post in one of the topics on the Test Server section of the forums (or create your own if you don't see one!), or report it directly to one of the devs on the Beta Server itself. But remember that this is a test server - the changes not final and can be changed again before the new version is installed on the live servers. So it doesn't help to panic or scream (doing so is more likely to get your topic deleted); it's better to calmly explain why you don't like the changes, so that the developers will put in changes that won't "destroy" your character.

[size=14]There's no Duty Free in this version, but I need stuffs! Isn't there anything at all to help me?[/size]

At the Frigost zaap [-78, -41], you can usually find a friendly Maho Snowfoux selling dungeon keys, energy potions, recall potions, Bonta/Brak potions, health potions, pet resurrection powders, and Magical Orbs.

[size=14]Could you open the test server, please? I want to play now! Please please please?[/size]

The various test servers only open when there is something that requires testing - usually a new version of the client. They are not open all the time (or even most of the time), and don't open just because people want to play the game for free. Remember, there's more than two dozen other servers open right now.

[size=14]There are some English texts missing on the beta! What should I do?[/size]

Keep calm and carry on. Due to our team's production schedule, our translation team will sometimes still be working on translating quest texts, NPC names, monster names, item names/descriptions, or user interface text up until the final release. We realize that it can be frustrating to try to test features under these circumstances, and we apologize for the trouble.

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What is the "Duty Free" area? What can you find there?

Note: Most test servers versions will NOT grant access to the Duty Free area. The following section only applies if it is actually available.

The Duty Free area was created so that the players can better test the beta. You can get there can through any Zaap. It will be listed as "Test Server (Duty Free)". Once in the test zone, you have:

  • In [0:0] : Nioo Nioo Welties sells Livitinems. She can also teleport you to a Forgemage workshop or to certain dungeons, and tell you how to report bugs. She will also calmly rebuff you and explain the purpose of the test server if you demand to be level 200, but if you persist.... let's just say, don't persist.
  • In [1:0] : George Cash, who can give you 10,000 kamas once in order to be able to pay for your transporation (zaap fees) and items during the beta test. HE IS NOT MEANT AS A GET-RICH QUICK EXPLOIT. Remember, it doesn't matter how rich you are on the test server, because it doesn't affect your real characters in any way.
  • In [1:-1] : Ru-ru-runes sells you runes and forgemaging tools, and (s)he can also teach you any of the Forgemaging professions for free. Dofus (that's the guy's name!) for his part (usually) sells all the currently-obtainable Dofuses in the game for 500,000 kamas each.
  • In [0:-1] : The Key Master (the Wabbit) sells you dungeon keys for most dungeons in Dofus. Srcoll Tom (the Imp) can reset your characteristics to 0 or 101, allows you to forget spell levels, and sells characteristic scrolls.
  • In [-1:-1] : Chapi Chapo sells hats of all levels. She also gets the theme song to the show she's named after stuck in my head. Bitsan Picies sells an eclectic selection of equipment for all levels. As his name suggests, he doesn't sell any full Sets, just bits and pieces.
  • In [-1:0] : Takeshi No Ciabatta sells bread to recover energy and points of life.
  • In [-1:1] : You will find on this map four NPCS selling sets: Gobball Set, Prespic Set, Treechnid Set, and Bwork Chief Set, each sold by their namesake NPC (Tes Gobball, Tes Prespic, Tes Treechnid, and Tes Bworky)
  • In [0:1] : Classman sells all the class sets. Sister Halliwell sells potions of most types (healing, energy restoration, profession unlearning, resurrection, city transportation, etc) as well as Guildalogems and alignment prisms.

These merchants may or may not all be there or may be offering different goods for sale, depending on exactly what the test server is meant to be testing. For example, Dofus may or may not actually have all the Dofuses, and the amount of money George Cash gives out varies (see next question).

Hey, George Cash used to give out more money! Why did that change? How can I test my character now?

The beta tests are not all the same, and do not require that you have the same resources at your disposal. George Cash gave a lot of kamas during the Forgemaging and Characteristic Reset tests, because it was necessary to buy the items to do the tests. Remember, as Nioo Nioo says, the beta tests are not for you to test out character builds or for you to HAS KEWL STUFFS, but for you to test the impending changes to the server.