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Loss of +crits in the Spy Order

By Elusial#7076 - SUBSCRIBER - September 07, 2008, 18:31:00

Looks like I have to stick to my Krutch and can't go for a lovely Himune now. Bastards. Make me buy a crit-maged Gelano why don't you?

So we get level 40 alignment bonus? Great. No-one cares as you can't get crits from it.

Absolutely no point to this update. I wish they'd explained the logic as they did with the other big changes instead of sneaking this in and destroying a lot of crit builds. Well I say 'destroying' but I mean 'inconveniencing slightly'. I'm still annoyed ¬_¬.

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Do you also get the impression that equips are designed so that we're always one crit short of an optimum build? wink
Crit-maged gelanos aren't much more expensive than normal.

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I solved the problem by maging an extra crit onto my Rags (+11 crit Rags xD). A damn sight cheaper than buying a crit-maged gelano. I actually thought on Shika they went for about 3mk which is almost triple the price of a normal gelano.

Also, I can wear a Himune now as I picked up a cheap Omerta Ring and, since I was on a maging spree, got it agility maged so I could still equip my daggers after I lose the agility from my Krutch. It also has +3 crits so when it's used in-place of my royal cherry blop ring I'll have a net gain of +1 crit to make up for the crit I lose in exchanging the Krutch for the Himune.

All is well again.

Still a stupid change if you ask me. I had better be able to change my order without any hassle, I want some extra vitality ¬_¬

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btw, why do u think we get level 40 aligment bonuses?

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Oh wow I didn't know about this change. What's the point of loosing the crit bonus? That helped out a lot of classes without being to much of a help. I worked hard to get my alignment lvl up sad


I just checked my char on the test server and I still have my +crits from my alignment order....Where are you seeing this?

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