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Re-working the Feca

By Elusial#7076 - SUBSCRIBER - September 14, 2008, 09:17:30

Due to the new AP/MP loss system it is now easier to take a small amount of AP away from the target than it is to take a lot. This makes spells like Glyph of Silence a waste of AP compared to Blindness or Glyph of Blindness. Many Fecas don't rely heavily on those spells anyway however returning any spell points for those would be nice. Unfortunately there's no alternative to Paralyzing Glyph, since it will only be taking 1 or 2 MP now, if a Burning + Paralyzing combo would normally be used, it's only effective if the monster is near the middle of the glyph. If it is at the edges then the AP is better spent on something else most of the time.

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I think fecas can stand the nerf, especially up to level ~150.
Maybe there's a case for a better level 6 Burning & Paralysing Glyph.

All AP and dodgeable MP reducing spells should have their points returned. I'd like Ankama to confirm this asap.

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Feca is a support class, but currently, our supportive capability are low, even by support class standard (with the exception of glowing armor which is slightly high since it's strength is usually 1.5X-2X all other armors).
I would like to see something done about this, but of course, let's not forget about the poor Cras.

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