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Honest Question about Xelor v. 1.25 (xelors who've played the test server pls)

By -zeusek- September 20, 2008, 19:50:43

My subscription ends this weekend and I was planning on renewing for a year to get a pink goone, but I'm concerned about the nerf coming up. If I put the goone on my Xelor, it'll be stuck there for a few months. And if I find that the nerf is too much for my Xelor to deal with, I will be going back to my Cra or Sram as my new main. But whatever class I decide to make my main, I want the goone on that character.

About the nerf. I really don't care about the new AP formula, but I'm concerned about the new minimum range. My Xelor is damage based, not wisdom/AP thief based. Sandglass and Dust are my 2 favorite attacks, ATM. So my question is this:

Can I still hit Sandglass and Dust below the 3 squares for just damage? Or are both those attacks crippled below 3 squares?

Also, will the Xelors be completely reset on stats/spell points? Or is it just the spell points for AP theft attacks going to be returned?



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You will NOT be able to hit below the 3 range minimum on sandglass or with slow down. Nothing has changed on temp dust, hand, or dark ray as far as I can tell. I personally am swapping to my cra on Tuesday when the update comes. But if you are concerned about your goone, you can transfer it through your bank if the characters are on the same account at any time.

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You may want to consider a hybrid build with Agility, due to Shriveling's increased damage as of 1.24. It has more base damage than Hand, and 1 less AP. Of course this translates to hybrid damage builds doing almost as good damage with Shriveling as with Hand because of base Intelligence and terrible Agility caps.

But it's an alternative, at least, and you can Shrivel one target more than once. 2 Shrivelings can yeild the same or better damage for the same amount of AP as Hand and Sandlgass.

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