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[Changelog] 2.3.5 BETA - June 2, 2011

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - June 03, 2011, 19:00:08
Function of Spells that give fixed Damage Reduction

We've changed the function of fixed damage reduction. It is no longer modified by the elemental stats of the caster but now enjoy a bonus of 5% per level of the caster.
This change allows us to limit the importance of Intelligence in relation to fixed damage reduction and thus facilitate the use of other elements for classes that rely on fixed damage reduction.
Changing this formula also improves progression of fixed resistances as a character levels up, which prevents fixed damage from becoming too powerful at low levels and not powerful enough at higher levels.
  • The following class spells are impacted by this change:
    • Wind Armour (Feca)
    • Earth Armour (Feca)
    • Glowing Armour (Feca)
    • Aqueous Armor (Feca)
    • Toad (Osa)
    • Preventing Word (Eniripsa)
    • Mummification (Xelor)


  • Roguery
    • The spell is usable under the state Gravity.
    • The cost of the spell is reduced from 4 to 3 AP.
    • The cooldown is changed to 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 turns at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Magnet
    • The spell can no longer attract a bomb that can not be moved.
  • Dirty Trick
    • The spell is usable under the state Gravity.
    • The spell can no longer be used on a bomb that can not be moved.
  • Grenado
    • The duration of the MP bonus when using the spell Kaboom increases
    • to 2 turns at levels 1-5 and 3 turns at level 6.
    • The maximum size of the wall of air
    • is now 6 squares (was 4 previously).
  • Explobomb
    • The duration of the bonus damage when using the spell Kaboom now lasts 2 turns at levels 1 to 5 and 3 turns at level 6.
    • The maximum size of the wall of fire is now 6 squares (was 4 previously).
  • Water bomb
    • The duration of the AP bonus when using the spell Kaboom now lasts 2 turns at levels 1 to 5 and 3 turns at level 6.
    • The maximum size of the wall of water is now 6 squares (was 4 previously).
  • Bomb Walls
    • Damage of the walls of Air, Fire, and Water are increased.
    • The bonus combos are now spread between the bombs connected by walls of bombs.
    • The bombs connected by walls of bombs are triggered when a bomb is triggered.
    • A wall of bombs is no longer formed when three bombs are aligned on adjacent squares.
    • The walls of bombs now appear even when there is an obstacle between the bombs lined up (a tree in the middle for example).
  • Extraction
    • The cost of the spell is reduced from 4 to 3 AP.
    • Damage is reduced at all levels.
    • The spell points invested are returned.
  • Boomerang Daggers
    • The damage from this spell is increased.
    • The spell no longer requires line of sight to be cast.
  • Deception
    • The maximum range of the spell is 1.
  • Carbine
    • The size of the area of ?effect of the spell is increased from 3 to 5
    • squares.
  • Last Breath
    • The cooldown is increased from 2 to 3.
    • Cost to cast the spell is decreased from 3 to 2.
    • The combo bonus is increased.
    • Bonus damage on allies is increased.
    • Spell points invested are returned.
  • Kaboom
    • The cost of the spell is decreased from 4 to 3 AP.
    • The spell no longer requires line of sight to be launched.
    • The spell makes the target invulnerable to damage from bomb walls.
    • The spell no longer makes the target invulnerable to enemy bombs.
  • Summoning of Rogue Dopple
    • This Dopple now uses the "Coward" AI.
  • Bombs
    • The size of a bomb is increased each time it receives a combo bonus. This change visually represents their increase in power.
    • The combo bonus earned automatically by bombs after the first two rounds no longer disappears after their caster's turn.

  • Roulette
    • The effects of the spell now affect both allies and enemies.
    • The negative effects of the spell have been removed, only the positive effects are maintained.
    • The effects of the spell that affect the caster are only active during the current round (not the current round and next round).
    • Spell points invested are returned.
    • We modified this spell so its effects are no longer too overpowering and unbalacing to the overall outcome of the fight. The spell was once able to randomly change the outcome of an entire battle with ease, now it is more focused on randomizing the outcome of a particular round. This change seems most compatible with our intentions to keep the game tactical and based on skill while also offering game mechanics that can generate surprising effects and highlight a player's ability to adapt to any combat situation.
  • Rekop
    • The operation of the spell has been changed: it now causes damage in randomly in 1, 2, 3 or 4 elements. The higher the number of elements, the less damage per cell is done. The spell no longer randomly steals AP from the caster.
    • The cost of the spell has been changed to 4 AP for all levels.
    • The maximum number of times the spell can be targeted on a single person is set at 2.
    • The critical hit rate is now 1/50.
    • Spell points invested are returned.
    • We changed this spell to reduce its impact on the outcome of battles. The damage from this spell is now much more stable. The impact of randomness for this spell is now refocused on the number of elements the spell hits with and their type.

Changes to the Feca class spells present in this update are only some of the changes planned for this class at this time (for example, at this time, we are still planning to fuse the basic armour spells to create space for 3 new spells in the future).

  • Earth, Wind, Aqueous and Glowing Armours
    • The damage reduction values have been modified to take into account the new management formula for fixed damage reduction. Overall damage reduction have been reduced for low levels, but increase for medium and high levels.
    • Combining several identical armour spells is no longer possible (it is no longer possible for a single character to be affected by multiple casts of Earth Armour, for example).
    • Spell points invested in these spells have been returned.
  • Immunity
    • This spell now uses the "Invulnerable" state, and protects from poison effects and pushback damage.
    • The state can be unbewitched.
  • Feca Dopple
    • The Art of Staff spell has been replaced by Bubble.
    • Points invested in this spell have been returned.
  • Art of Staff
    • This spell has been replaced by a new spell named "Fraction."
    • The function of this spell has been changed to now share damage equally over several friendly targets (excluding summons). The average of all resistances and protections of all allied characters involved is used to calcuate the damage received, which is the redistributed equally. We havea changed this spell to improve the Feca's capacity to control high-damage enemies. This spell is expected to provide an alternate to the concept of sacrifice (concentrating damage and protection on a single target), by allowing a team to divide damage received over several characters, reducing the chance of losing a particular character.

Improvements to the Toolbars and Spellbars
  • The item Toolbar now manages objects placed in it for quick access as true inventory shortcuts, as does the spell Toolbar. Now, it is possible to display the same spell in several different toolbars, or show an item's quality in one's inventory in real time. Read more about this system on the Devblog.
Lock System
  • The preview of characters' movement paths now take obstacles and locking areas into consideration in order to display accessible tiles. Tiles that are not accessible due to the enemies' locking abilities are displayed in red. This change allows for a more efficient visualization of the areas that are accessible to all parties in a fight.A Devblog article has been published to explain this new display system in detail.
  • The bonuses and penalties of Lock, Dodge and Agility acquired during a turn in progress are now correctly taken into account for the calculation of the number of Movement Points available.
  • A character which was completely locked (impossible escape) attempting to move, then using a movement spell in order to get out of the lock area is now able to correctly move following the escape.
  • The Lock and Dodge characteristics in the "Advanced Characteristics" tab now each have an icon.
  • Static summons (for example, Rogue bombs) no longer interfere with the movement display by identifying a non-existent lock.
  • When an attempt to escape the Lock area of a Rogue, if disposing of an activated Roguery spell takes place, the information indicating the AP and MP losses is correctly displayed on one single line.
  • A character on the edge of a map is no longer considered to be on an adjacent tile to that of its opponents situated on the opposite edge of the same map.

  • Loading an interface using an inventory window (for example, exchange interface) no longer fails when the inventory is already open.
  • The size of the options' interface has been increased in order to improve its readability.
  • In chests with a limited number of space allocation, the pod gage is correctly based on the number used spaces.
  • In the social interface, the listings of friends, enemies and ignored are now sorted alphabetically by name by default.
  • In the gift allocation interface, the item's information pop-up is no longer displayed upon closing the interface.
  • The spell and alignment interfaces are no longer refreshed automatically when a character regains HP, but rather when a refresh is necessary. This modification corrects interface problems where the scroll bar positioning would be reset due to an unnecessary refresh of these interfaces.
  • In the exchange interface, pods are no longer displayed as Kamas.
  • The conditions to perform certain behaviours ("emotes") are displayed correctly.
  • The text search in marketplaces works correctly.
  • In the interface for allocating characteristic points, the input area for points to be allocated is no longer set to zero by default.
  • In the dialogue interface with an NPC, after selecting an answer, the orange highlighting seen while hovering over the answers is correctly removed.
  • Additional icons have been added to the Custom Set Interface.
  • In the Zapp interface, hitting the "Enter" key on your keyboard while mousing-over a destination automatically validates your selection.
  • In the group interface, the symbol representing the group leader is now displayed correctly if a character with higher initiative leaves the group.
  • Changing the colours of a Pandawa from a non-subscribed account works correctly.
  • In the Zapp interface, the compass now indicates the correct coordinates.
  • In the lower user interface bar a button has been added to allow the expansion of a contextual menu with additional interface buttons.
  • In the gift allocation interface of a heroic server, dead characters are no longer displayed.
  • The position of the lower user interface bar is now corrected.
  • Coordinates are displayed correct on instantiated maps.
  • The extra line breaks in books and documents are now removed.
  • A confirmation request has been added when using a consumable might remove another consumable's effect.
  • Game notifications are no longer displayed continuously when reset.
  • Filtering items by category (Belt, Boots, Keys, etc) in the inventory interface is preserved between two interface openings.
  • Filtering items by categories in the inventory interface is preserved when changing inventory tab (Equipment, Miscellaneous, Resources and Quest Items).
  • The status of the inventory interface (expanded or minimized) is preserved after relogging.
  • Tooltips in the contextual menu of inventory items are no longer displayed when the interface option "Show item information in tooltips" isn't activated.
  • Detailed tooltips on inventory items are correctly displayed upon hovering over the item when the interface option "Show item information in tooltips" is activated.
  • The customization of the displayed information in detailed tooltips of an object, accessible via a right click in the inventory interface, is once again working.
  • During an exchange, a drag-drop towards the exchange area belonging to the other character now displays the destination as being invalid.
  • Clicking on the amount of Kamas in chest interfaces no longer displays a pop up window when there aren't any Kamas available.
  • During a purchase confirmation of an item from the sellrooms, the total price no longer displays the word "Kamas" twice.
  • Closing an interface during a drag and drop action no longer results in causes an unexpected result (character and interface freeze).
  • It is no longer possible to transfer non-exchangeable items into a mounts' inventory by clicking on "Transfer all items".
Custom Set Interface
  • Additional icons have been added to the Custom Set Interface.
  • If a Custom Set is saved while mounted on a dragoturkey, using the associated shortcut will now switch the character to their current dragoturkey (if they have one equipped).
  • In the Perceptors contextual menu, the "Attack" option is grayed out if the Perceptor cannot be attacked.
  • A Perceptor's dialog now indicates when it can be attacked again.
  • In the Perceptors list in the guild interface and the dialog interface with a Perceptor, information on Kamas, experience and items gathered is displayed. The estimated value of the items is calculated based on the average prices of sellrooms and characters in merchant mode.
  • It is now possible to join a Perceptor defense by clicking directly on the sword signaling the start of a fight displayed on the combat map.
  • The perceptors list in the guild interface is correctly displayed in the social interface even after changing characters.
  • The starting positions in a Perceptor fight are now random even in dungeons.
  • Perceptors can be placed in any of the rooms of a dungeon.
Territory Conquest and PvP
  • Upon a second prism defense during the same game session, the prism defense interface no longer displays the defenders of the previous attack.
  • Guards of conquest villages respawn again correctly. It is no longer possible to block a character by challenging it when he arrives on the map.
  • Upon the destruction of a prism, the characters of the losing alignment can't place a prism in the sub-area for a few minutes.
  • New messages have been added in order to explain why a prism cannot be placed.
  • When a reconnection during a fight takes place whilst multi accounting in a fight where it is prohibited, the other multi accounts are disconnected from the fight.
  • If a character reconnects during a fight where multi-accounting is prohibited, other characters run from the same computer who are already in the fight will be disconnected.
  • When mousing over a character during a fight, its corresponding thumbnail in the "Timeline" is highlighted in order to facilitate target identification.
  • Spells can no longer become unusable after equipping a class set item.
  • In the end of combat interface, upon hovering over the experience gage, a pop up now indicates the percentage of the current progress and experience in relation to the experience required to reach the next level.
  • Spell cool-down periods (when they exist) are correctly displayed in the spell effects information area and updated when they are modified (for example, by equiping a Class set).
  • Character aggressions are now limited to targets who's tile position is known to the player. As such, it is no longer possible to aggress an invisible character by clicking on their name in the chat interface.
  • During the fight preparation phase, the HP gage correctly updates itself, even if players use consumable to regain HP.
  • Spell effects who's duration has elapsed now disappear correctly during a fight.
  • Spell effects that modify other spell effects are displayed correctly (the name of the spell in question is now displayed).
  • During character aggressions, mousing over the combat swords correctly displays the composition of each team.
  • Removal of certain spell effects during a fight after the death of a character or summon has been improved.
  • Spell information is correctly updated upon the addition or removal of a Class set item or upon the cast of spell that modifies spell effects (for example, Iop's Wrath).
  • Upon the death of a character, its HP gage is correctly updated (without temporarily displaying negative values).
  • In the information interface for highlighted targets, the icons have been enlarged in order to improve readability.
  • Open interfaces no longer protect players from aggressions.
  • Allies and enemy targets are correctly differentiated in the fight log when they are targeted by an area-of-effect spell or weapon.
  • Contextual menus associated with a character during the placement phase are correctly labeled with the character's name instead of the "!object Object" annotation.
  • The pushback movement display is no longer influenced by tackle zones.
  • Changing spell short cut bars during a fight no longer pre-selects a spell from a new bar if a spell has been previously selected when the bar changed.
  • The display of remaining turns for the effects applied on an enemy out of turn is corrected: the values displayed in the tooltips and the spell effect interface are now the same.
  • The display of the number of turns after a reconnection has been corrected.
  • Summoning a creature on a trap now triggers the trap.
  • It is no longer possible to create "sacrifice chains": if B sacrifices A and C sacrifices B, as soon as A is attacked, it is B who will receive the damages and not C.
  • Fights against the following monsters can no longer trigger certain challenges deemed incompatible:
    • Celestial Bearbarian: Scanty, Untouchable
    • Korriander: Scanty, Limpwrist, Tight, Nomad, Statue, Zombie
    • Kolosso: Scanty, Barbaric
    • Tengu Snowfoux: Scanty, Mystique
    • Obsidemon: Scanty, Barbaric
    • Buck Anear: Scanty
    • Royal Pingwin: Scanty, Incurable, Self Sacrifice, Barbaric
    • Royal Mastogob: Scanty, Barbaric
    • Kimbo: Scanty, Tight, Nomade, Zombie
    • Tynril: Scanty, Barbaric, Impertinence, Elementary, my dear!
    • Silf the Greater Bherb: Scanty, Barbaric, Time Flies
    • Minotoror: Scanty, Untouchable
    • Minotot: Scanty, Untouchable
    • Crocabulia: Scanty, Untouchable
    • Soft Oak: Scanty, Untouchable
    • Skeunk: Scanty, Maniac, Contract Killer, Reprieve, Unpredictable, Barbaric, Untouchable, Elitist, Focus
    • Bworker: Scanty
    • Peki Peki: Scanty, Untouchable
    • Royal Tofu: Scanty, Untouchable
    • Moon: Scanty, Elementary, my Dear!
    • Dragon Pig: Exuberant, Arachnophile, Gardner, Gravedigger
    • Lord Crow: Untouchable
    • Gigantic Kralove: Scanty, Pighead, Barbaric
    • Pandora Master: Scanty, Elementary, my dear!
    • White Rat: Elementary, my dear!
    • Kwakwa: Elementary, my dear!
    • Tanukoui San: Elementary, my dear!
  • The challenge "Clean Hands" no longer fails when direct damages are inflicted upon an oponent but the blow is not fatal.
  • In maging, after a failure due to the impossibility of adding a more powerful rune onto an object, the object is now correctly updated.
  • In the characteristics interface, the list of professions is now correctly updated upon learning or forgetting a profession.
  • It is now possible to use scrolls as recipe ingredients.
  • The rights "Allow guild members to rest in this house" and "Allow guild members to teleport to this house" are no longer inverted.
  • The readability of the right management interface for guild members is improved.
  • A new guild right is added, permiting to retrieval of loot from one's own perceptors.
  • A new guild right is added, permiting the replacement of a higher leveled character than one's own character during a perceptor defense.
  • During the Perceptor defense fight preparation phase, when the maximum number of defenders has been reached, it is now possible to replace characters of a lower level by clicking on their portrait
  • After changing guilds, the list of guild houses is refreshed correctly.
  • The number of a pet's missed meals is now displayed when hovering over its status.
  • Pets that once gave +Life bonuses are modified and now possess +Vitality bonuses.
  • The appearance of the Miniminotot pet has been modified.
Soul Stones
  • The level of monsters is now displayed in souls stones placed in the inventory.
  • It is now possible to use Soul Stones and Simple Capturing Nets as close combat weapons.
Houses and Paddocks
  • The system for both the resale of abandoned houses and paddocks as well as the sale of new houses and paddock is modified: a random delay (from 12 hours to a week) for each paddock and house is now set before a purchase can be possible. This modification's objective is to avoid the purchase of houses and paddocks being done simultaneously by a small minority of players after a restart of the game servers. This modification does not impact the paddocks and houses put up for sale manually by players.
  • It is no longer possible to resell a house or a paddock at a lower price than its base price.
  • A new underground paddock maze is added to the Koalaks' area, including 148 new paddocks.
  • The automatic update of the Dragoturkeys' characteristics whilst the breeding interface is open now updates the tiredness correctly.
Maps and Areas
  • The Breeder Village is completely remodeled. 12 new houses are added.
  • The Wild Dragoturkey Territory is completely remodeled.
  • The Kaliptus Forest is completely remodeled.
  • Gobbowl stadiums are now accessible from the Bonta and Brakmar arenas.
  • The Xelor temple is completely remodeled.
  • The Enutrof temple is completely remodeled.
  • Several Ankama buildings (Bakery, Smith, Carver Workshop, Jeweller Workshop, etc) are redone.
  • Hunter workshops are added in the Butchers' Quarters of Bonta and Brackmar.
  • The generic Underground area can no longer be aligned.
Texts and Books
  • New texts can be read in the Masters of the Order's chambers in Bonta and Brakmar. They describe the specifics of each order for the sake of assisting the militians in making their choice.
  • A sacred document is now on display in each class temple. It presents the deity worshipped by the local devotees, as well as its commandments. This document is ilustrated with a coloured engraving of the deity in question, showing them off to beautiful effect.
  • The books on the classes (given at the end of the quest "Follow Your Path") are now accessible in the different temples. However, it is only a lending copy, and cannot be removed from the temple.
  • A new publication on the Protectors of Months can be consulted in all 5 libraries of the World of Twelve.
  • A missing paragraph has been added to the book "The Choice of Gods" (part II of the Found Fragments).
  • An update on Lock is incorporated into the book How to Be a Perfect Mercenary in Astrub.
  • The book "Prophets, Cults and Faith" can once again be purchased from the NPC Narber the Merchant
  • The initial objective to complete during the second stage of the quest Lenald Legends is clarified: it now provides the name of the character to find.
  • The quest "Prisoners of Astrub" is revised (dialogs, NPC position). The NPC Edgg Komb no longer gives the book How to Be a Perfect Mercenary in Astrub.
  • The quest "Beware of the Beast!" can be initiated without having previously received the Box of Plasmogrine.
  • The access restriction to the island of Pandala for Pandawa players who had started the quest "Pandala: An Island unlike the Others" is now working correctly.
  • The NPC Koka Dekolak validates the objectives linked to the quests it offers even if the character has several of its quests simultaneously in progress.
  • The NPC Benn Zeen no longer blocks the progression of the quest "Usuwpation of Identity".
  • In the quest "Delivery Problem", the NPC Sam Croa correctly accepts the valid Form to Fill.
  • The NPC Maya no longer disappears prior to the display of its dialog, completing the quest "Maya the bee-autiful".
  • In the quest "Sword: Directions for Use", the NPC Two-Fingers accepts the Sword Hilt, allowing the player to continue the quest.
  • In the quest "The difficulty of being a Jeweller", the NPC Shani Sings correctly validates the objective consisting of bringing 6 Mush Mush Thorns.
  • The quest "Star Ski and Dutch" no longer conflicts with the quest "Full Contact" on the "Talk to Juss Tafinger". Furthermore, the Mycos Saps can also be obtained on Cromagmunks at a weaker drop rate.
  • Blacksmith Dungeon:
    • The composition of the last room's group is changed.
    • It is now possible to have 8-character fights in the last room of the dungeon.
    • It is now possible to place a Perceptor in the last room of the dungeon.
    • The performance of the Boss have been reviewed ( it now makes use of new spells, extra health points and offers better experience but lower amounts of kamas).
  • Dungeon keys can no longer be dropped by monsters, as they now need to be crafted exclusively by Handymen. Only the keys listed below are exempt from this modification:
    • Incarnam Dungeon Key
    • Cherry Key Fragment
    • Coco Key Fragment
    • Indigo Key Fragment
    • Pippin Key Fragment
    • Second Part of the Dragon Pig Key Maze
    • Kwismas Dungeon Key
    • Kwismas Cavern Key
    • Father Kwismas' House Key
    • The recipes to the following keys are modified in order to be easier to craft:
    • Bwork Dungeon Key
    • Canidae Dungeon Key
    • Fungus Dungeon Key
  • The recipe for the Key to the Rat Dungeon at Amakna Castle is modified to correspond to its level.
  • The monster, Fuji Snowfoux can now be confronted in the Tengu Snowfoux dungeon. Before the last room, the players will be given the choice to confront either Tengu Snowfoux (classic combat) or Tengu Snowfoux and Fuji Snowfoux. The Snowfoux tears can, moreover, be dropped from the Fuji Snowfoux who appears in the dungeon. Fuji Snowfoux will stay in the cavern and the Snowfoux who invade the village will continue to do so.
  • The monster N in the Sakai Mine Dungeon will only appear at his maximum level from now on.

Notice: This changelog is in progress. Check back for more changes.
Reactions 1

  • Ougaa: The Health Points of this monster are reduced.
  • Royal Blue Jelly: The level of the monster is increased.
  • Royal Mint Jelly: The level of the monster is increased.
  • The reduction values of fixed damages of all monsters that use damage reduction spells are slightly modified (both max and min) following the modifications to the fixed resistance calculation formula.
  • The look of all Dreggons, Sauroshell and Field Monsters have been redesigned.
  • Monsters can now play animations out of battle in order to bring more life into the Dofus universe.
  • Starfish Trooper's attack animations are now played correctly

Artificial Intelligence
  • The overall "coward" behaviour of monsters has been improved. A monster with a "coward" behaviour who does not perform an offensive action during its turn will switch to "aggressive" behaviour (approaching its enemies) until the execution of an offensive action upon an enemy.
  • Summons of "aggressive" behaviour locking an opponent no longer try to leave the locking area if they have the possibility to lock two targets at the same time. For example, the Pandawaste will not make its way towards two targets when it is already locking a single target.
  • Monsters will no longer try to position themselves on healing glyphs when they possess all their health points.
  • The AI uses its spells more effectively when a target die. For example, the Red Wyrmling utilizes his AP more effectively when given the chance.
  • Management of linear attacks with an area of effect of several tiles of Monsters with "coward" behaviour has been improved.
  • The AI more effectively manages spell effects that are activated at the beginning of a turn. For example, the Legendary Crackler takes its turn correctly once under the effect of "Heart of a Crackler " and gains 1 AP.
  • Management of monsters' transposition effects has been improved: the monsters correctly take their destination tile into consideration prior to the sequence of upcoming spells. For example, Ouassingues no longer transposition themselves elsewhere whilst healing their starting position that might contain an ally with full Health Points.
  • Monsters that are killed whilst under the effect of a forced turn skip (Bribery, for example) and ressurected several turns later are no longer under the effect that forces them to skip their turn.
  • The AI correctly manages effects of movement during an attack (for example, the spell "Evasion"): monsters no longer attack an empty spot after their target changes position.
  • The AI now handles invisible people correctly: when a monster attacks an empty cell which may potentially be occupied by an invisible person, he guesses at a new position for them if the cell is empty. If not, he will continue to attack the same cell.

Objects and Equipment
  • The number of Snowfoux Tears needed to create an item from the Fuji Snowfoux Set is now set to 30, instead of 50.
  • The weight of all the resources dropped by Frigost monsters is now set to 1 pod, instead of 10.
  • Phong Huss's Sword no longer requires >50 Strength in order to be equipped.
  • The display order of the different types of effects on items has now been fixed in order to improve their readability.
  • The minimum range for attacking with the Hunting Bow is now set to 2, instead of 1.
  • The items Metronome, Kaniger Staff, Strawaff, Arctangent Bow, Sabre Aces and Shovel Tonjon are now displayed correctly in the hands of the characters.
  • Soul stones and the Simple Capturing Net are now displayed correctly in the hands of the characters.
  • Bewitched Aspen now appears correctly in game.
  • The Celestial Bearbarian Mask is now displayed correctly on Pandawa characters
  • The Lumberjack Axe no longer uses the same sprite as the Blade O'Ven .

  • The end of turn glyph Silent Distortion of the Tracon incarnation correctly removes AP for the upcoming turn of the target and not for the turn in progress.
  • The spell animations for the Haku incarnation are now displayed correctly.
  • The spell Compartmentalisation of the Haku incarnation has been corrected: the associated damage bonus can be stacked correctly four times, and no longer gains bonuses if the spell is casted on another target but itself. The range of the spell has been increased at all levels but is no longer modifiable.
  • The animation for the spell Achilles' Heel of the Kalkaneus incarnation is now displayed correctly.
  • The spell Regenerative Stone Skin of the Grouillot incarnation no longer reduces damages but places its caster into an invulnerable state. The state is lost if the caster is pushed against an obstacle.
  • The incarnation spells can once again be moved and their order is preserved if the incarnation is used regularly.
  • The range of the spell Selective Trap of the Hichete incarnation has been increased at all levels.
  • The Crocodyl Crockmaker's lock bonus of the Hichete incarnation bas been replaced by an Agility bonus in order to guarantee a progression linked to the level of the character as well as a better synergy with the spell Alopecia.
  • The displayed level of Nasty Little Lousy Pig (summon of the Piggy Paupe incarnation) corresponds to the level of the spell. The Critical Hit damages have been increased.
  • The spell effects of the level 2 Krusty (summon of the Kloug incarnation) has been corrected.

Heroic Server
  • The NPCs Emma Sacre and Thomas Sacre are disabled on the Heroic Server. The seeker scroll system is also disabled on the Heroic Server.

  • For Linux, major updates no longer provokes temporary sound loss.
  • For Mac, clicking on a URL in the chat interface no longer redirects to an invalid page (anti-phishing measure).
  • The NPC Nistracolamus now evokes the priests and their power of ressurection in his dialogue;
  • The two Temple Masters Hairader (Masqueraider) and Agent Smisse (Rogue) can now use the magical orbs just like their colleagues.
  • Some rank/especialization names of Bonta Orders have been slightly modified: Silent Spy replaces Spy (the brakmarian equivalent keeps the name Dark Spy), and Enlightened Apprentice replaces Apprentice (the brakmarian equivalent keeps the name Dark Apprentice) The generic terms of Spy and Apprentice are now indicators of the militians in question on both the Bonta and Barkmar side.
  • The NPC Frigostine now sells Baker's Yeast, Water and The Kneader.
  • Drinking a potion now triggers one type of animation, and drinking a beer trigger a different animation;
  • During the mining animation, the Sacrier's foot no longer detaches itself from the body.
  • The hands of Enutrof characters are now of normal size during the "Refuse" emote animation;
  • The smokey effect during the "Mount" animation or Incarnation has been revised and now displays correctly