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[BETA Changelog] Version 2.18.0 - January 29, 2014

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - January 29, 2014, 21:10:36

[h1]New area: "Stontusk Desert":[/h1]

  • Packs of furry creatures have appeared in the desolate barren lands in the North-East of Cania. Their leader will soon meet King Allister, and the seneschal Jakob Ladda might just need your help for this very occasion. Go to Amakna Castle to find out more!
  • A wayward traveler is moping away in Kanigrula's jail... if you can free her, she will reward you with a new sidekick: the Krosmoglob!
  • The "Cania Desert" area is renamed to "The Stontusk Desert." This area has been entirely reworked, includes new quests, houses, paddocks, a whole family of level 150 monsters and a level 160 dungeon (Kanigrula's Grotto). A few collectible resources have been added in the area as well.
  • Two new sets and a Pet can be obtained in this area.
  • New achievements associated with this content are also available.

  • It is now possible to modify the sale price of an item already for sale directly from the sales interface (without having to remove the item and then put it back up for sale). The selling time is rebooted when a pack's price is modified. A price modification tax must also be paid:
  • If the pack's price is reduced: a 1% tax from the pack's total price is applied.
  • If the pack's price is increased: in addition to the 1% tax, the usual 2% tax is applied on the difference between the pack's initial cost and its modified cost.
  • The addition of this new tax when modifying the price of an item already for sale prevents you from having to pay the 2% tax each time you put an item back for sale in order to modify its sales price. Updating an item’s price is therefore cheaper with this new modification, without being free. It must stay dissuasive because we want to encourage players to choose an optimal selling price from the get-go; we don't want to encourage them to update their sales items' price too often.
  • Items put up for sale are sorted by lower to higher time left (the older items are in the top of the list).

[h1]Introduction movie:[/h1]
  • A new introduction movie is added when creating a new character, it showcases the DOFUS universe and what is at stake for a new adventurer.

  • When using a sidekick in battle, as soon as the player's main character ends his turn, the sidekick's spells and characteristics are displayed in the interface. In the same way, as soon as the sidekick ends his turn, the spells and characteristics displayed are those of the main character. These modifications are made so that it's easier to think ahead about possible actions for the next character the player is going to control.
  • The display mode selected for the central ring is correctly saved upon exiting the battle when a sidekick has been used during battle.
  • Sidekicks now have a creature mode in battle.
  • The information bubble when moving over fight start swords appears correctly when several sidekicks are in the team of the character who started the fight.
  • A sidekick's owner's name is correctly displayed on the information bubble when mousing over combat swords.

  • Ecaflip's Luck: the "Double Damage" effect can now be unbewitched.
  • Rekop: the damage displayed is actually the damage dealt on the first round at levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • The Ecaflip Dopple's Rekop and Rough Tongue spells are updated in order to reflect the new way they work.

  • Bat's Eye: The spell’s area of effect now correctly display a circle two cells wide and no longer a circle three cells wide at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

[h1]Guilds and alliances:[/h1]
  • In the guild interface's perceptor list, perceptors who have been placed by the player and are not currently in a fight are displayed first and in color, and all perceptors are sorted by decreasing weight order.
  • When the permanent character information display is activated, the alliance tag display in the characters' information bubbles is correctly updated when a character quits or join an alliance.
  • It is no longer possible to be teleported to the entrance of a dungeon while in an area containing a vulnerable prism with AvA mode activated.
  • AvA fights in which a member of one's own alliance is fighting are correctly displayed as such in the interface listing the fights on the map.
  • Interfaces displaying the character's alliance are correctly updated when the character quits their alliance during a fight.
  • An icon is added next the area level display (on the top and the left) to tell the player his AvA status and if the current map allows AvA aggression.
  • In the KotH interface, the sorting of various alliances by increasing or decreasing number of captured maps works correctly.
  • Several maps with specific access restrictions are no longer counted during King of the Hill phases (KOH).

  • Achievement equipment restrictions on items issued with the Frigost 3 update are removed.
  • The quest equipment restrictions on the Thermal Cloak and Metamunch Kin's Helmet are removed.
  • The Ice Dofus, the Cawwot Dofus, and the Dofawa now have a linked time set to 4 months. This modification is not retroactive. For the Dofus dropped before the 2.18 update (and only these Dofus), one may to go see the NPC Selya Hegs at the Amakna Castle to update the link.

  • In the dungeon gate-keeper NPCs' dialogs, the choice of using the dungeon save appears first. A confirmation dialog is added when using the key and bunch of keys.

[h1]Spectator mode:[/h1]
  • It is now possible to join as a spectator the fights of mutual friends without being on the fight's map, by clicking the "In combat" icon from the friends interface - unless said fight is blocked from spectators. This functionality is only accessible from maps where characters cannot be attacked (houses, Zaaps, etc...). We are looking into making this option available to guilds.
  • In spectator mode, characters are correctly displayed when invisible characters are carried or when carrying characters are invisible.
  • In spectator mode, targeted cells are only visible by group members and no longer by all fight spectators.
  • In the spectator interface, the sidekick owners' names are correctly displayed.
  • In the spectator interface, prism attacks are correctly displayed with an alliance symbol to the team defending a prism.

  • In the Cania Plains sub-area, the Blops and Biblops have been replaced with Plain Cracklers and Lousy Pigs.

[h1]Artificial intelligence:[/h1]
  • The way the AI handles glyphs and traps is globally enhanced.
  • The Little Yobbo monsters handle their ends of turn better.
  • Spells cast in a straight line are handled better (for Rok Gnorok and Professor Xa for instance).
  • The Ogivol monster now cast his Ogivologram spell.
  • The Sram Dopple monster now plays all his turns correctly when he is in range with his opponent and cast the Invisibility spell.
  • The Leopardo monster correctly casts his LeoHit spell when in contact.

  • Delivery Problem Quest: characters that are blocked in validating their objectives because they don't have the cakes in their inventory anymore can now restart the quest from the beginning by talking to the Sam Croa NPC.
  • In the Vigilante base, the list of monsters needed for the weekly recruit formation quests can be consulted on the map where the quest is taken.
  • The Yova Etna NPC now indicates the whereabouts of the Cania Bandits.

  • Offering to Sebklav Quest: Characters who have finished the "To Betray Or Not To Betray, That's The Question" quest but haven't finished the series of Allister quests can now validate the offering quest correctly.

  • The following achievements are no longer necessary to obtain the "Say your prayers" achievement: Wick Astley, Wick Jagger, Wick Carter. They are still required in order to obtain the "It's Kwiiiismas!" achievement.

[h1]Maps and areas:[/h1]
  • The Cania Plains, Lousy Pigs Plains, Dreggon Peninsula and Dreggon Village areas have been graphically enhanced.
  • A house located in Astrub on 4,-21 is added for "Roleplay activities." It will be accessible to all characters.

  • The paddock interface performances has been improved when using ability filters on a great number of Dragoturkeys.
  • Only the abilities of Dragoturkeys displayed in the paddock are visible in the filter choice drop-down menu.
  • The first category filter list has been reorganized in order to have the more useful filters visible immediately when opening the filter list.
  • The complete filter list is reorganized : category filters (male, female, etc) are first, then ability filters, and finally color filters.
  • Filters are now color-coded according to their type in order to improve readability.

[h1]Heroic Server:[/h1]
  • Characters that are disconnected because of a KotH phase no longer receive 3 successive disconnection messages instead of just the one.

  • The crafters’ book interaction sound plays correctly.
  • The icons for the Foggernaut spells Torrent and Backwash are now displayed in the color associated with their element.
  • The following character icon for Nomekop Wodly no longer plays an animation and displays correctly.
  • The Haks Or Cloak is correctly displayed once equipped.
  • Following up on some players reports, various spelling corrections have been made throughout the game’s texts.
  • Firefoux dungeon: the names of the various dungeon rooms and the names of the 6 firefacts needed to access the Peki Peki room are modified in order to be more coherent.

This changelog is in progress and will be updated again on February 10, please check back then!
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Just to keep you informed, the lead server developer, [BillFR], posted that there would not be a Heroic Server mode test for the 2.18 Beta.