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How can I install a custom theme?

By #[Nerodos] - ADMIN - October 06, 2016, 20:22:47

With Update 2.37, it is now possible to install custom themes created by the DOFUS community yourselves.

What we are calling a theme is the graphical appearance of the game interfaces, including the textures, colours, backgrounds, button colours, icons, fonts, etc.

Here's how you can do it:

  • Copy the URL link of the web page where the theme(s) you want is (are) hosted.
  • Open the "options" menu and select "themes" in the left-side column.
  • Click on the "install a new theme" button
  • Then paste the URL link in the appropriate field and validate.
  • If several themes are available at this URL, they will all be listed in the window; select the one(s) you actually wish to install.
  • Close the "Theme installation" window
  • Select the theme you wish to apply in the list of installed themes.
  • Restart the game.
  • Et voilà!


What happens if the theme I installed prevents me from starting the game properly?

    Don't panic! You can go back to the default theme as soon as the game starts if ever you find yourself in a bind. When you are using a custom theme, a pop-up appears each time the game starts to offer you the possibility to go back to the default theme, should you need (or want) to do so. And don't worry, you won't have to validate your choice to use a custom skin in order to get in to the game.

The website is telling me to download the themes directly on to my computer, is that normal?

    NO! It is impossible to use a theme that has been manually downloaded to your computer in the DOFUS client. For security purposes, we have opted to use this solution in order to make downloading a theme useless, thus minimizing the risk of crafty individuals installing malware on your computer.

Because of a game Update, the theme I was using is no longer compatible, what can I do?

    Since the themes are created and maintained by players, you will have to wait until the theme's creator updates it. It is possible to check the compatibility of the themes offered in the theme interface directly from the game client.

Where can I find a catalogue of all the themes I could use?

    The community is responsible for making player-created themes available; a simple search using your favourite search engine should be enough for you to find all you need and want.
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Can Ankama host their own theme collection?

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Sooo, ankama is so lazy it can't even officially implement those "non-ankama" themes directly in the game? Asking every player to manually go through all downloading steps from unknown unofficial hosting site?

Well, it's not hard for me to do all the steps, but I consider this as yet another act of ignorance to the players. Sad thing that ankama ain't planning to improve this attitude and will do the same for many next years...

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As a non-techie, paranoid person, I'd rather use the default setting than go thru all those steps.

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Why not provide an official repository that consists of validated themes? Now, creators of themes have to host it themselves. :wacko:

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So where's the documentation on making a custom theme? I can't seem to find it. (I could have missed it, but It seems like it would be important for that info to be available before information on adding custom themes no?)

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Do you mean "where is the dev log for the custom theme mod?". I guess this thread will be the dev log.

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Do you mean "where is the dev log for the custom theme mod?". I guess this thread will be the dev log.
No. This post about adding a custom theme from the web makes no sense unless something is missing.

As far as I know, nobody was given any information about how to make a custom theme, what file format the client would expect the files in, if there was a required directory structure, if the client would fall back to defaults for any file not modified (etc.), So to tell players they can add themes from the web, without there being any way for themes from the web to exist seems odd.

Especially since this post does make it clear that none of the themes will be made or hosted by Ankama.
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I think there are players who knows programming, who can modify themes on their own. Ankama just made the program easier for those like me who are not knowledgeable enough. Unfortunately, they should have gone the whole length and hosted a site where players can submit their own themes. Heck. I will be willing to spend ogrines and pay theme programmers for custom themes, but I want those themes to be moderated by Ankama.

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well said!

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Sure, I could modify a theme all I want, the problem comes in is that this is clearly expecting the themes in a specific manner in which they did not specify.

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I agree with your earlier post about not having made mention of how to go about it. But I poked around in the 'darkStone' theme in game directory and found a readme that points here explaining how to create a theme and how to host it. Looking at the date of that post, they didn't include it here because they hadn't written it yet.

And yes, necromancing a thread here tongue

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Where do I find those "custom themes"?

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I've made my own theme (customized from others' theme skin).
I could kill current SHIT Japanese alphabet/number fonts.
This is quite good update for me!

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Nice Super Troopers gif, tasteful.

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