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Black Gobbal contusion bug

By awesomeL - SUBSCRIBER - May 10, 2017, 23:48:37

I was fighting someone on the test server this evening after converting my Pandawa to an Osamodas.
After I spawned a Black Gobbal to keep the Iop I was fighting from using jump by inflicting gravity state I believe a bug occured. The gravity state which normally lasts one turn did not go away and remained for the rest of the battle, to the annoyance of my opponent who very lovingly accused me of cheating (I'm literally glad to be able to turn my computer ON).
I haven't had it happen before and up until now it hasn't happened after this fight either but I thought i'd let you guys/the team know.


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I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago but in my original server while playing in KIS. In fact, once i killed the black gobbal, the gravity state remained for the rest of the fight.... I would also like to see this bug fixed
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I've had gravity state last a few turns longer than it should have before, but never for the whole fight. Ironically it worked against us because it was in pvm and we couldn't swap with it.
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