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A few questions about Knights

By -Nodoka- - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 04, 2008, 18:18:59

First of all, how their level is defined? by attacker's level or defender?

Second... If there are more than 1 attacker and/or defenders, there will be more than 1 knight too?
If yes, how that is defined? One for each attacker or one for each defender?

Third and last, are they smart? I mean... for example, will they attack osas's summons instead of killing the osa and finishing the whole thing? And things like that.

Edit: Another question that came in mind... their levels are only 50, 100, 150 and 200?

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level is defined by attacker's level, but i dont exactly know how it works
there will be as many knings as attackers (2 attackers = 2 knights with you)
i never faced osa with a knight, not sure

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that wont work. 2 attackers so ud get 2 knights....

I had 3 agroers on me and i got 1 lvl 50 knight, that 1 died immediatly-.-

agroers were 30-45 lvls

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