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Rollback due to perturbations

By February 02, 2009, 12:18:58

My Minions,

Many of you have been fortune’s fools this week-end and have perished due to technical problems with our network and servers.

The decision we have had to make is not an easy one. I know that some of you will greatly suffer from it.

We have decided to rollback the server to Saturday (31/01) morning’s backup.

Rather than looking on the forums at the number of posts and different interventions, we have decided to look at the messages we were sending you. We think you would all be truly affected if your character died for technical reasons and Ankama didn’t intervene. I’m sure the idea of playing with a Sword of Damocles hovering over your head isn’t too tempting.

That is the main reason why we have decided to rollback the server. We will furthermore add more frequent backups on the Heroic Server and set up a procedure for rollbacks so that if this problem was to occur again, the rollback would be done in a much shorter period.

ATTENTION: This does not mean that rollbacks will occur habitually! Don’t let unscrupulous players lead you to believe that that will be the case. What you must remember, is that we will always make, as far as humanly possible, the right choice for you and the server to ensure that you can enjoy quality time without the fear of an unfair death resulting from events off the server.

All players whose account connected to the Heroic Server after Saturday morning will receive a two day subscription as compensation.

May Rushu be the only one to bring you fear,


EDIT (important)

I am grateful toward all players who have been showing understanding toward our decision and the difficulties of the situation.
To you all I want to add this:

- The two days subscription will be given on Friday the 6th at 5pm

- The coming week-end, experience will be multiplied by two for all players

I know those new measures won’t give back what has been lost during the past week-end due to the recent perturbations. Though, I hope those decisions will make the whole situation as least frustrating as possible to the biggest part of our Community: I hope you will get back what you’ve lost and will play without fear of losing your character for an unjustified reason.

May the force be with you.
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