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Forum Nitpicks/Text Colours

By Timewise#6533 February 09, 2011, 01:23:15

Firstly, let's cover what has become a more prevalent problem the last 3 TIMES I tried to post this, and that's the auto-logout. What's the timer on this? Why does it sometimes log me out immediately after I log in? Is it not letting me be logged in on the forum in more than one tab? Is this a problem only for those who haven't cleared their cache(because I did that)? Most importantly, is this a mistake or is it on purpose as a precaution, and can I turn it off?
The other thing that's been bothering me since the forum "upgrade", is that I can't seem to use text colours. What system of code does this box use? It would be a real shame if they actually disallowed text colours altogether...

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I've never had the problem while posting that I auto-logout even when opening/closing tabs, I only logout when I close the browser. Just curious, do you open tabs before or after you login?

As for the colours, I really don't see it as a great loss. It was not used that much anyway, and I can recall several times where people posted in yellow or lime green just be funny, making the text pretty much unreadable unless highlighted.

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main thread for this stuff: Click here

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And the text colours? I was going to make it just for that, but then... alas, the logout.

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