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help - how do i cancel a server transfer?

By Snapsnap August 22, 2011, 15:51:39
Please someone help me i wanted to transfer my char but i changed my mind >.> How do i cancel it PLEASE HELP ME please i dont know how to stop it >.
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Taken directly from the server transfer FAQs on the support site: "You may change or cancel a server transfer up until midnight (GMT+1) on Sunday nights.."

Otherwise, if it is not later than midnight on Sunday, you can log in on the official website and check the transfer status in exactly the same way as you booked it (Ogrine services -> transfer a character etc.)
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I dont understand it is there a easier way?

HELP PLEASE i need help i dont understand how i can cancle it ? please!
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.... um... how do we make it simpler than "go to the same page you requested the server transfer from, and hit 'cancel the transfer'"?

However, since server transfers occur on Tuesdays during maintenance, and today is Tuesday, and we just had a maintenance, you might want to check whether your character has already been transferred.
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Thanks i see it biggrin woo
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