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Problems with the last update

By El-Inquisidor September 28, 2011, 02:31:05

Hello everybody. I come from hispanic forum because i don't have any answers there for my problem. My english is very bad so i hope that you can understand me.
I can't update the game.
When installing the patch 1 shows a sign that says "you can not add the patch ... You should use the full version"
I chosse the option to reinstall but the sign reappears. Did this happen to someone? Know how to fix it?
Well, in case there is no answer to this problem I wonder if anyone can or has already taken the time to compress and upload the dofus 2.0 folder to a server storage (rapid-share; MU; fileserve, etc) to copy and paste manually.
Thanks for your time.

this is the exact message: A file is missing from the patch. Please download the full version.

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