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Bug in Illness quest (Frigost)

By DroppaMaPantz#5815 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 03, 2011, 06:36:38
Hi I started doing the illness quest to have the permanent vaccine but I get stuck pretty early in the quest. You go to -79, -42 and talk to Grandfather, then kill some stunted rats in his basement and get the Artisanal Friswein. When I try to give it to Her Peec, he doesn't accept it and acts like I don't have the quest. He even has a question mark over his head but nothing...not sure if this quest is bugged or not.
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A lot of the npc act as you've described, if you're doing other quests that involve them. I was doing The Ice Foundry and I had to stop and kill The Beast in order to progress the dialog of Herr Peece.

Try finishing any other active quest, that involves Grandfather, before talking to him again.
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