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Ripped off!

By AshalindWolf - SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2011, 11:26:34

I just subbed for 1 year and used my Dragon Token in the lottery. Instead of getting one of the prizes from said token, it said I unlocked Minotoro Token. What the hell? That token is what you get from a 6-month sub. ???

Yeah, yeah, send a ticket to support, I know... tongue

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Actually, I don't believe so. I've had this happen before, and I think it is supposed to.

Picture a "real world" lottery. Some tickets win big prizes, some win small prizes, some win a free ticket. You might buy a $5 scratch-off ticket and win $2. It's the same situation here.

Rather than getting nothing, you got a very small prize which gave you another chance to win *something*.

At least that's how I thought of it. xD


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It's not like I used the Dragon token and the wheel spun and landed on a Minotoro token. It just got replaced by it. I find that extremely bizarre.

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I've had this prob too, it's really an ankama thing to do this :s

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