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How much of the support tickets do the staff actually read?

By HeyNythius - SUBSCRIBER - January 14, 2012, 12:51:46

I just submitted a ticket regarding stolen items, providing my account name, attaching a scan of my photo ID, and stating that I've changed my email to an email that was quite literally just created in order to ensure security.

After five days with no reply, I finally get an answer telling me to "confirm the name of the account in question," as well as "please register using an email that has never been linked to an Ankama account before," and "please include a scan of your ID with your reply."

Nice. So I waited five days just to get a response that says they need to see everything that I have already provided in the initial post of the ticket. Do they even read the ticket? I'm guessing I have to wait another five long days?

I guess my question is, who else has this happened to and how did it turn out in the end?

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They read all tickets but thousands of people send in tickets so that is why the wait is long sometimes. Be patient and polite only and send in one ticket if you don't want it to take even longer.

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But it seems like they didn't even read it the first time, because what they asked of me in their reply was already given in my initial post. That is the frustrating part.

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