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Ogrine page isnt working

By lidgrownup#3177 April 06, 2012, 10:07:49

I dont know if you guys are having the same problem but i havent been able to buy ogrines to subscribe all day. When i open up my page this is what i get this. ��UMo�8=o~Ŕ�^�b�������&�6h���nO�X�%��%)����JB�9�@�aq޼��C�Q��������9ԾQp�����؈�ooO9?����/�8{s��I/�F���V{�y�y�uY�63����빎�����'�Y�K69ʃ�Qڍ��9>99��+��䮰r���7b̼�y~�[���-"�#2���"C����4�RfI�38�6Fgw�Mrς��z V�1s~���� �D�p�Am��z�� J�F]�,��H�����[����H?��O�lߏP�h����|6��E��K���_��E�mD�7�U�c��^LcCe\�D+WR����2r�h��J�j]_ƽ@�k��x��\�R����L�^��Z��r�>�� � A�1j�6���>#L'#`�n$ Ɔ��������� ��sF_4�}�9�˛/M���܂,�,��UR� �{X�����?r�A}�� ���3�aÆm&�Z�~��}mx���o�B8� ݒ��CKô���4�i�����Z t� ��:�N�� ��/)�d4�x���Y;@]BAw���A'} H`[�!��"��e�4�,�`^S�]���ϝP�ӎ��Ԇ"��ѽ!�}!TBna��b�7�=��FC�hc'߉��cT�TjA"]-�C?;��MW?Q�Q?8$�,�Ll��7/��cv�e����҄ �V��Ȓ�-����ٛ�ނD�.,���F�M�8]����W��o�O�Et���!�2n��/� ��6^�σ�_����h������=�lї�=����s��p��9�7^��&?B�k I dont understand whats going on but i really wish someone would fix this. And when my ogrine page was working it said i had 0 kamas if you can help or have suggestions please tell me thanks.

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