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Maintenance 10/25//2012 0x4 ERROR!

By lWensoul October 26, 2012, 00:05:52

Everything was fine until today when I try to access 25/10/2012 the game and appeared the following messages:"FATAL ERROR 0x4: Your client version is not compatible with the version on the server. Reboot your client and it will be updated automatically!"
Looking better clicked on an icon of a pencil and notebook in the corner and this appeared:"The client protocol version (Which Is 1467) is too old for the server.The server needs protocol version 1468.Please contact the Ankama Games support with this error here message.Clique "
I tried:
Restarting the Client
Uninstall and download again
I installed on another computer with the same OS (Win 7)
Download the game. Zip (updated everything and in the end gets the same error)
And NOTHING worked,'m desperate u.u

One solution: Someone with Win 7, have to level up the game file on a download site, please ... was the only solution I could think of that seems effective x.x!

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I am having this same problem, if anyone can provide a solution I will be very grateful. sad 

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What OS (operating system) are you guys running? That can help provide some clues. Additionally, try clearing the cache folder after you delete dofus, then reinstall again.

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"computer with the same OS (Win 7)" And i cleared the cache folder after you delete dofus 3 times

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