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CC description slightly misplaced

By -DragonMusic- February 15, 2013, 15:27:52

I barely noticed it though, but it just caught my eye that it was slightly misplaced.

What I did that caused the bug:
Just opening my spells dialogue.

What version am I using:
I am using the release latest version. That being said, I am not using the 2.10 beta but 2.9.

Anything else I did what could be causing this bug:
Nothing much, just the usual click on wand-icon, and I only noticed it after I scrolled down.

P.S. I am busy in Kolossium to gain spell point scrolls, so don't look at my spells yet ^-^ they're a lil sucky :3

Well, that was my bug report. Have a nice day

Lv 165 Strength Sacrier
Stuck on a server where I don't understand the spoken language. (Dutch)
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