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By Elusial#7076 - SUBSCRIBER - June 10, 2008, 18:58:22

I've been having this weird problem for a while now. I'm guessing it's something to do with the new servers so I'm hoping other people have experienced this.

When I'm in a fight I occasionally experience a problem that appears to be lag. E.g. the server does not respond to my commands and the turns get stuck for a while before continuing and saying 'Waiting for player My Player name'.

However, it only appears to be lag because it doesn't behave like I'm used to seeing. It's very precise, I can see all other trading and guild messages fly by. Every time it's my turn I can click a spell and see the area to target. As soon as I click it the sandglass appears top-right and nothing happens. I can't choose any more spells after that. Also, the time that it gets stuck between turns is exactly the same each time. For instance I could wait 20 seconds once my turn had ended for the monster's next turn. It will do its moves (which I can see fine by the way) and end its turn. It will then be the exact same amount of time (e.g. 20 seconds) before the next monster's turn.

That does not seem like normal lag to me. I think my connection ID must get invalidated or something and the server refuses to accept any more of my commands. With normal lag I would expect a fairly long time of waiting with *nothing* happening on screen except that sandglass and then a minute or so later everything would catch up and speed around for a few seconds before getting back to normal. This is much different as I can see everything else around me working fine. Nothing I do however works. Another thing I noticed is that the Guild Panel will open but no-one will be listed despite the Guild Emblem appearing and also the Guild's name. There's similar behaviour from the friend's list with no friends appearing.

I would report this as a support ticket but I don't think I'd be able to put across how exceptional this is to normal lag. Also, the support team are probably quite swamped and it would be very easy for them to just tell me it's lag and to wait it out.

I have as of yet unsuccessfully managed to wait it out. It just continues like that for at least an hour (the longest I've waited - obviously I didn't watch the screen for an hour wink. Also, my wireless connection manager never says that I've disconnected and is always at 3 or 4 bars (4 being the max) whenever this happens. Furthermore, my brother who is also playing experiences no problems at all when this happens to me. He can continue playing Dofus perfectly and doesn't even experience any lag.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same symptoms and if there are any known cures? Any information would be handy, thanks.

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i have had some problems a bit like this too every now and again i get loads of lag then it just goes i have no idea why also something funny happened with my friend after his turn in a fight it kept saying waiting for player his name here when he wasnt lagging at all weird

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No, you see that's not the problem. I don't get loads of lag that suddenly goes. It's like what you said your friend gets. It keeps saying it's waiting for me even though the fact that I can see that it's waiting for me and I can see al the monster moves as well as all the chat on various channels means that there must be some server communication.

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