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Last update causing hardware trouble.

By -Nightshade- - SUBSCRIBER - July 04, 2013, 00:29:50

Since the last update i have met some problems

-Since the last update clients use a lot more CPU, even if in the background a dofus client still asks 10% of my CPU. If used that 10% goes up to 60% or more which ends up into freezing games since i have multiple clients running. Not that much has changed in the game itself i am sure there's a solution for this

-The same thing counts for RAM memory, the game uses more virtual and real ram memory

  • Okai, Few moments later. I tested this by actively using all my RAM memory and then making it inactive, and then made 1Gb of free ram again. nothing changed so the performance has to be the CPU problem

-Quitting problems. At many occasions the clients have trouble quitting, They will close but not quit so they have to be Force Quitted. The same happens to the launcher.

-The last problem occurred before the update but this happens a lot more and to more people i see. After a fight the map will load, but not the character, nor any monster or particles on the map.

I hope Ankama has a solution to these problems.

The mentioned problems occured on the following system:
iMac - 2,66Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo - 6MB L2 Cache - 4GB 1067Mhz DDR3 Ram memory - 1,07Ghz Bus Speed - NVIDIA GeForce 9400 Chipset(256mb)



Recent updates have decreased these problems, restarts are still needed from time to time but the cpu problem has been decreased. Thank you developers!
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Same problems. Constantly have to relog/ force to close. Although I am not very handy with computers so could not give anywhere near the details you did :S

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I am having similar trouble on the linux client. Intermittently, seemingly for no reason, one thread will start to consume 100% cpu, causing significant degradation in performance. The only way I have found to mitigate is to restart the client.

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