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Dofus Beta downloading problem.

By 2bytwo#9383 - SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2014, 19:07:11

I have tryed to download Beta from the forum ( Izmar's link on Test Server topic ), and no result for many continuous attempts.

BUT, 1 day, Rumplestilsken gave me a link for 2.17, it worked, but once 2.18 version came out, it stopped working.
I tried to download again but at 100%, the thing froze, and when I tried open again, it said some files were broken.

So if anyone can, tell me what/where/why/how that problem occured and if there's a way to fix it.

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You do not have to download the client over and over again. Usually you only install it once, and it updates itself whenever a new version is available on the test server, just as the "normal" client does. You only have to start the uplauncher of your current beta client installation after the new test version has been published to the server. Or did you mean it's the updating process that doesn't work for you?

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Process didn't work, the way it didn't work is : As it was downloading, it stopped at 100%, but the play button did not appear, I closed the upluncher and it would not open again ( said the files were broken ).
So I has to un-install and download again, but now it won't even download fully, it freezes at a random %

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