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Resubscribing issues

By Allgoodnamesaregone - SUBSCRIBER - August 18, 2014, 10:47:42

Hi everyone,

I am currently experiencing issues resubscribing using a credit card, this option is 'temporarily unavailable' and has been for several days now. I live in Australia and have tried multiple web browsers to see if i could find a way around this problem but no luck so far. Paying by a debit master car is essentially the only way for me to subscribe. If anyone has any solutions or information or having the same problem please leave a comment.

Thanks smile

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Payments by credit card or paypal now have to pass a number of restrictive anti-fraud filters, which causes issues for many people outside France. This subforum is full of reports and complaints about similar issues. Ankama were forced to do this in order to support paypal or credit card payments in the future.

The most obvious filter now is the requirement of using 3D-Secure (which must be supported and activated by your credit card provider), but it is not the only requirement. Nobody knows what else can lead to rejected payments, but differing address data at your CC provider and Ankama may cause issues, as well as payments in different countries within short time periods (e.g. paying at your supermarket at home and Ankama (located at the other end of the world) within half an hour could indicate a payment done with a stolen credit card).

Probably if payment is unavailable it could mean that they are fine-tuning the filters, or that payment by credit card will be discontinued in the future (like for the German community for example).

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If your debit card doesn't Support 3D-Secure (and most don't) then you won't be able to pay with that method. All you can do is send a Support ticket and see what they can do for you.

This community is much bigger than the German one, which has only one server, so while they may not view that community as being worth the effort to keep certain payment methods viable, it is a large leap to think they would make the same decisions for a community that is 500% bigger than yours.

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