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Having problems with the Authenticator? Tell us here!

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - January 12, 2015, 18:17:36
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Iphone 3gs.
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I start having issue with Authenticator around 2 days ago, it is giving unknown error. i restart the app and reboot phone still no help, this generally goes away after a day but this time is longer sad

can anyone help please?

Unfortunately, we're currently having trouble with Apple products. We are of course doing all we can to solve it as soon as possible.

I advise that you contact Support, as they can help suspend the use of the Authenticator, so that you can resume play while we work on fixing this bug.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Minibear, if you're using an Apple product, this applies to you as well. If not, please try and specify the device and OS you are using.
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Thank Nerodos, i will contact support to suspend so i can play it biggrin
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I'm using old samsung and authenticator is not working, unkown will you fix it somehow soon or should i go on support to send ticket and hope for the best that ill recive some of my accounts??
Sending a ticket to Support is always a good idea.

That said, in order to better fix your issue, we'd need more information. When you say you're using an "old Samsung", what model is it exactly? What OS does it run? I'm guessing Android, but what version?
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Authenticator says that the security code has been sent to my email but nothing appears in my inbox. I'm certain the email is the right one because I got emails on that account from Ankama a few minutes ago. Could you please help me out here smile 
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My phone broke and i had my recovery code and my authenticator there, what do i do (its completely broken the screen doesnt work

i have sent lot of tickets but no reply plz help me i need to get back to the game
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my old phone got burned from charger like 1 year ago, and i cant get back my recovery code information on my other account, i really want to get back in game after a long time, please help
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Did you send a ticket to Support?
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Revil-Nunor|2016-01-03 21:27:23
Did you send a ticket to Support?
it easy to fix this problem but they have to reply to your tickets first.i sent a lot of tickets but no reply its like they are dead or something XD but i really need to get back to the game
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ankama you really fucked me!!! stupid ass motherfuckers! i solled my paysafecard i used orgins for lvl transfer and shit! and now? u guys made it all unhappen but i dont have the orgins i used and i dont have the money from my paysafe! u fucking own me that! look in you'r fucking history and give me back my money! dirty ass scammers!
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Hello, I live in usa PA, and my brother is having issues with the app but wont post here. He recently got a new phone and since the app was on the old one, it no longer will let him authenticate via the app. is there something else he can do, or should he send a ticket? thanks!
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What if I have a problem with the Phone number? I used to have a USA number, now Im in Mexico. I put Mexico and it put the +52 code on there. Which is okay. Now my number has 10 digits, and its saying its an incorrect number. I mean I can shorted in to 7 digits, but it will be incorrect. Not sure if this effects anything later on? Like for messaging or calls from Dofus?? What can I do about this? I would love if I can put the correct numbers on there so that I am not adding incorrect information..

BY the way Im adding a cell phone. kinda like this +52 3312345676

Also, I been gone for about 5 years or so. I am just comming back to Dofus. I noticed all my settings and details of my account are erased. For Example my avatar picture is gone, before it was a Eni. Also my ID wasnt GomisSI, it was Hongos. ANywas I dont mind having to update everyhing all over again.
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Im having troubles with the auhenicator a year ago my iphone broke which i bough a new samsung for but i forgot the code and now i can only play trough playing trough steam
Have you talked to Support?
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